Um, so nothing new to report since you wrote this -… but yet another article? Will be nice to hear what is actually happening once a final decision is made.
like i have stated in the past : only if they hand out bb guns at the door ! pew pew pew ! multi colored glass sperm blobs the chihuly stands around and cyclopses other people making isn't worth a museum ,but a shooting range. fuck yeah !
@1) Sometimes stuff runs on Slog and then it goes into print (for the folks who don't read every post and may have missed it). In this case, we ran also ran it in the paper--with an AMAZING illustration.

You act as if Chihulhy won, when what won was the Kitchen Sink approach I and a few other people were pushing for, that said it's a big space and you could put Chihulhy in one corner, KEXP in another, and add elements from the Open Space and NW Native designs to get a highly functional parklike area with a strong tourist draw from all of its elements ....

In other words, our wise Mayor won.

@2 Baseball batting season is spring, plus I have to get the cart license to rent the baseball bats.

Except he isnt wise, he doesnt know how to work with other departments (city or state) and openly lies to voters.
That artwork is hilarious.
That drawing is awesome.
Dom - the story was barely justifiable as a Slog piece, but to repeat it, with no substance, in print is clearly just a way for Cienna to write yet another obsessive piece making her inaccurate and biased arguments against the exhibit. such as:

"glass museum exclusively displaying work by Dale Chihuly"

"an abuse of public land for a private enterprise (the museum would cost over $12 to enter and would be run by the privately owned Space Needle company)"

"But after the Space Needle company's lucrative offer and hardball lobbying, that committee unilaterally switched its recommendation in September to a Chihuly museum (with no recommended alternatives)"

I agree with @4 - if the Mayor can work with the Center, Council, KEXP, The Space Needle & Chihuly, and Seattle Center gets what will be a money generating exhibit by our most popular local artist, a new million dollar playground, and a key element of our local music scene on campus, then Seattle, and Mayor McGinn get a huge win. McGinn will end 2010 looking like a smart and effective leader.
OH HAY Stranger, remember when you gave this man the cover of your publication and pretty much jacked him off onto the faces of all of your readers???? remember?…

It's cool that you've pulled his dick out of your mouth. Let this bad taste be a reminder to not be so naive again in the future, please.
Like two Brillo pads sensually grinding together.
@8 - what blows my mind is the argument Cienna peddles that this was all a backroom-type deal, and that Chihuly had the big advantage because they had all that time to come up with their proposal.

It has been months and months, and no one has proposed as good a financial deal for the city as Chihuly. Yet somehow, for Cienna, this is a controversial deal, even though no public dollars are at issue, and the rent is full market value. And private ventures at Seattle Center are hardly new.

It is controversial only because the Stranger doesn't like Chihuly. Nothing more.

God forbid the Center have a tenant who can actually pay the rent unlike the Intiman, Childrens museum etc. Etc.
How's that DADT trade for giving rich people a tax cut working out for ya, karion?

Don't count your money before the check clears.
Chihuly's art is as out of style as Grunge music and not half as good.
the museum will work like a time machine, taking it's visitors back to a decade when Chihuly's art didn't suck!

Grunge is unpopular?

Both Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains just had one of the most successful years of their careers (albums sales/Grammy nominations/sold-out tours).

If Chihuly is even half as popular as "grunge" the glass museum stands to make a decent profit for the city.
The space needle costs what, $15 to ride to the top? And the Pavilion level was a 4 decades later constructed add on that dramatically changed the look of the space needle...all for corporate profit. I'm not surprised that the chihully museum will win the day..the city probably has a way to take a % of the sales like it does in the pike market. in this city the city is your unspoken partner in business. it's all about the money. and KEXP, what happened to paul allens funding?
Can we get $2 off admission if we wear an eye patch?
Good ol' touchy pheely Seattle and your dick mayors. But it's ok, you've run off the working class and now have NO class. I how hard Stevey at KUOW fought against the idea of an INDEPENDANT public radio station being at "the-spot..."
It's so pompous to open a glass museum dedicated to Chihully. I might have more respect for the project if it were a contemporary glass museum that recognized other artists that use the medium.
There is already a Chihuly museum in Tacoma (its called the Tacoma Glass Museum but I mean, c'mon, who are the kidding...he's from Tacoma). Tacoma's dibb'sed Chihuly and now Seattle is going to jump all over him and be like: "MINE!" But come on Seattle! Just let Tacoma have this one...I mean...WHAT ELSE DOES IT HAVE!
Fuck Chihuly and his pretentious drivel.
Mmmmm, not much news here. Just the usual jealous small minded sniping and whining. How about that big Ferris wheel concept?
MAN, Seattle is a-changin'!
bb gun's and baseball bat's woot ! bring on the cyclops glass works, i gotta itchy trigger finger !
....and Eric Dorkman is shooting his ignorant mouth off again. What else is new?

At least he finally learned how to turn off the All Caps button.
gee aren't you the clever one !

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