Cobane absolutely needs to be prosecuted. I was found guilty of making threats because I left a voice mail on my fathers phone which said "I wish you were dead." I explained that my statement had been taken out of context because the rest of the voice mail clearly showed I was talking about wishing he had died when I was a child instead of being alive and beating the snot out of me nightly for years. I mentioned the Cobane incident in court and said if that doesn't rise to the level of a threat then how can my statement possibly meet that bar? I have been left with the clear idea that there are two sets of standards in Seattle and often what constitutes a crime when done by a citizen is perfectly fine if done by a cop.
you say that like its news.
Yeah I know, unfortunately now I have personal experience.
Now Holmes says he has "taken a long, careful look at the Cobane case" and "will make a final decision very soon."

Translation: I'll set it aside and SAY I'm looking at it until everyone forgets about it, then we'll make it go away.
Business as usual at the SPD.

Over 90% of complaints against cops is 'unfounded' or 'sustained'.

And if you don't think the pigs are on the take? I worked at a place that was apparently a front for cocaine dealing on a major scale, and the person doing the paperwork would see cancelled checks for THOUSANDS written to individual cops.
i know what number 4 is talking about from first hand. i was a nypd officer for about a year, and pretty much all we did was drive around and collect money. cops are crooked as fuck, the cops in everett are pretty bad. the story' s i could tell , but oh well. now i get paid a lot to touch peoples junk at sea tac. not my idea of fun , but man the checks are great. and yes we do fuck with you people on purpose, and yes we cuold go a lot faster but why? if you don't like it , take a fuckin train. no one gives a shit there.
Well, the verdict is in:

""Though the incident was marred by an unacceptable and unnecessary racist comment, our office concludes that neither officer’s conduct was criminal, and I decline to file misdemeanor charges," city attorney Peter S. Holmes said in a news release."

Serious question: is there anyone out there over the age of 8 that DIDN'T see this one coming?

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