Today in WikiLeaks: Following yesterday's attacks on MasterCard and Visa and Sarah Palin, today virtual protestors plan to target

The Dream Act: House passes bill that gives young illegal immigrants a path to citizenship if they enroll in college or enlist in the military. (The Senate is unlikely to be so supportive.)

The Waiting Game: Another day of waiting for the repeal of DADT.

Holy Crap: A 21-year-old recent convert to Islam tried to blow up a military recruiting station in a Baltimore suburb yesterday.

Inmates Wanted, Apply Inside: King County faces glut of jail space.

This Seems Ironic, But It's Actually Reassuring: Latest Seattle cop to shoot a suspect was 2009's SPD Officer of the Year and is an expert on "less-lethal force options."

This Seems Ironic and It Is, Because Donut Shops Are Where Cops Hang Out. Also, This Is Awful: Tacoma woman accused of using donut shop for child prostitution.

Pepper Spray and a Pistol: Weapons used in string of robberies in the Central District and on Capitol Hill (where a man robbed the Steamworks bathhouse.)

Finally, Aretha Franklin is battling pancreatic cancer, which is awful, but a good reason to (re-)post one of my favorite musical performances of all time. Good luck, Ms. Franklin.