Well? lets look at the City of Seattle's track record for investing in projects that make a fat return?

Um well? how about charging for parking on Sunday? and how about light rail and a Mono Rail and as well a waterfront choo choo and how about a submarine tour that shows all the poop that gos into the sound when ever we get an inch of rain?

I think the people wanted a park? and as well they did not want a tunnel but not to worry as we could use all that glass art to make the tunnel a beautiful ride.
This whole project is well in keeping with the grand seattle tradition of doing the exact opposite of what it's citizens desire.

Council and developers up their asses: "Hey we want to build a Chihuly museum!"

Seattle:'only wealthy people give a fuck about that guy. How about a park we can all use?'

Council and developers up their asses: "We are going to build this museum for YOU!"

Seattle: 'we dont want it.'

Council and developers up their asses: "everything is right on track isn't this exciting? What a great city we are!"

base ball bats , and bb gun's. then all we have to do is get rid of that lame radio station no one listens too. then sell the fucking place to disney like we wanted you jack wagons!

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