In Case You Missed It: King County Public Health lays off 123 employees and the inquest into the fatal shooting of John T. Williams continues (with witnesses reporting Williams was not a threat to Officer Birk).

Speaking of Ian Birk and His Ilk: Two former U.S. attorneys join the call for a federal civil-rights investigation into the Seattle Police Department.

Last Night in Seattle: A candlelight vigil for the Tucson shooting victims.

Last Saturday's Seahawks Game Doubled as a Low-Level Criminal Magnet: "Police figured a lot of people would be home watching the game on TV, so they decided to knock on the doors of those with outstanding warrants," reports KING 5.

It's a Miracle!: Pope John Paul II to be beatified (for allegedly curing a nun's Parkinson's).

Beware the Kama Sutra: New PowerPoint file devoted to the ancient sex guide is actually a vicious piece of malware.

Got Yer Nose (In My Mouth): Washington State man accused of biting off stepson's nose.

Finally, happy birthday to LL Cool J, the hiphop pioneer/Hollywood follower born on this day in 1968. Here he is giving one of the greatest live performances ever recorded.