Letter from Tucson: Cong. Gabby Giffords is breathing sans ventilator, new video footage shows just how legitimately crazy Jared Loughner is, and some people in Tucson decided to return to normalcy by attending a gun show.

Hey, ladies: A Pentagon commission report advocates ending the US military's ban on women in combat.

Ouch: Gov. Chris Gregoire proposes to cut state agencies and services for the poor and restructure government as a solution to our nearly $5 billion budget shortfall.

Lock up yer grandma! Thieves impersonating city workers have been targeting the elderly in Rainier Valley.

Mudslide alert: Nearly all of western Washington is under a flood watch
until tomorrow.

Saved by the drug-convicted witness! Apparently, Amanda Knox's legal team is feeling more optimistic about her trial.

Nobody doesn't like antibiotics: A northwest dairy has been charged civilly in US District court for feeding drugs to cows at illegal levels.

Awwww: A tiny, energy-efficient house is now on display on Phinney Ridge.

And in case you were feeling left out yesterday, here's Harvey Sid Fisher with the completely awful (or awfully complete?) comprehensive guide to the (maybe wrong) Zodiac.