In Case You Missed It: Day 6 of the inquest into the fatal shooting of John T. Williams features extensive discussion of knife locks, Gov. Chris Gregoire denounced efforts to repeal new health care laws, and you may read the full text of the winning tunnel proposal here.

I Can Haz $$$: Cheezburger Network scores $30 million in funding.

Hu's at the White House: Obama shares an intimate dinner with the Chinese president.

New Hope for Hep C: "Two powerful drugs are nearing the market that promise to help cure many more people of liver-attacking hepatitis C," reports the AP.

RIP R. Sargent Shriver: Pioneering Peace Corps director (and Kennedy in-law) passes away at age 95.

Happy Birthday! You've Earned It! Give It a Whirl!: "A 14-year-old South Carolina boy used the rifle his father bought him as a birthday present to shoot the man to death, along with a great-aunt, and critically wound his grandmother, police said Tuesday."

Virtual Tempest in a Virtual Teacup?: WikiLeaks has caused little lasting damage, says US state department.

Last Night in Queen Anne's Counterbalance Park: Police detonated a suspicious package.

Revolting: Teen who stomped Tuba Man to death brags about it during follow-up arrest.

Today in Tunnel Drama: Will the federally-protected Old Federal Office Building block construction?

Meanwhile on Capitol Hill (The Seattle One): Boren apartment building hit with anti-gay graffiti.

Finally, happy birthday to Dolly Parton, the American treasure whose songs I semi-regularly post to Slog, born on this day in 1946. Here's not-so-great footage of Dolly's great appearance on Captain Kangaroo (who tries to lightly perv on her but YOU CAN'T PERV DOLLY.)