Egypt update: The Egyptian military shows support for protesters, police forces have retreated from Cairo, (still) president Hosni Mubarak has appointed a vice president—intelligence chief Omar Suleiman—and demonstrations against Mubarak are happening all over the world, including yesterday's rally in downtown Seattle.

Meanwhile, in other political crises: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton flew to Haiti today to help mediate its political transition.

And another one: In southern Sudan, 99 percent of voters cast their ballots to secede from northern Sudan.

Call your mom! China might force people to regularly visit their elderly parents or face getting sued.

Budget woe du jour: The state legislature may cut services to immigrants and tighten immigration laws.

Grandma update! Mary Kay Letourneau is one.

Exit through the gift shop: A Miami sandbar has become a popular drop-off site for mysterious objects, including a baby grand piano of heretofore unknown—but likely art student-related—origin. In response, local officials warn that such installation art mischief is illegal.

Rewarding sleep-deprivation! An east coast mattress company is distributing free bipartisan pillows to freshman members of Congress who fall asleep in their offices.

And finally, here is the most spoiled penguin in the world: