In Egypt: Protesters give army a deadline to pick a side, "March of Millions" planned for tomorrow.

XXXecution: Iranian courts sentence two people to death for running porn sites.

RIP Jayme Lee Biendl: Officer killed over the weekend at the Monroe Correctional Complex had previously complained of understaffing leaving her overwhelmed.

Mount St. Helens: Shook by nine small earthquakes.

Less Powerful Than a Locomotive: Male pedestrian killed after running in front of a loaded coal train in Seattle.

Speaking of Trains: Train crash in Germany kills 10, injures 23.

Protesters, Not Participants (Sorry): 25 arrested at California conservative meeting.

E-Z Access: Weeks after a shooting rampage left six dead and 13 injured in Tucson, Ariz., New York City sent undercover investigators to an Arizona gun show and found instances in which private sellers sold semi-automatic pistols even after buyers said they probably could not pass background checks, reports the NYT.

Ear Buds Aren't Always Your Buds: One in five teens has hearing loss.

RIP Neptune: Yesterday was the U District theater's final day as a cinema.

Finally, apropos of the ongoing revolution, here's a track from Youssou N'Dour's Egypt.