In Case You Missed It: A federal judge in Florida has found Obama's health care reform to be unconstitutional, the Seattle City Council axes a proposed fee for the recycling of Yellow Pages, and the tunnel gets one step closer to actualization.

The Death of Officer Jayme Biendl: Gov. Gregoire calls for an outside investigation.

100 Sled Dogs Slaughtered in Whistler, BC: "The worker said he suffered panic attacks and nightmares because of the grisly scenes that unfolded as he carried out the company’s orders to kill 100 of its 300 dogs because of a slow winter season," reports the Vancouver Sun.

Be Careful Walking at Night (and Consider Carrying Pepper Spray): Man arrested after woman attacked near Cal Anderson Park.

Be Careful Arguing with Your Brother (and Consider Wearing a Bullet-Proof Ski Mask): 16-year-old in Bellevue shoots 12-year-old brother in the face.

Yer Fired!: King of Jordan sacks government, appoints a new prime minister.

Barbara Bush 2.0: Dubya's daughter comes out in support of marriage equality.

Thou Shalt Not Stop Punching: Church debate leads to parking lot brawl.

Meanwhile in Pierce County: Two men seriously injured while fighting for control of a samurai sword.

And finally, please enjoy this preview of the forthcoming Lifetime movie about Amanda Knox.