Rob McKenna is probably holding off since he'd frankly be a poor to mid-range candidate for Governor and he's shooting himself in the foot badly on a future as AG with his comically unconstitutional anti-crime bill that won't play well outside of certain parts of the state, and his lunatic anti-Health Care Reform stance that plays like shit in Washington outside of some political donors. Depending on who runs for AG and governor, he may be dumped back into private employment soon.
Go Bob. You're a great person, a true policy wonk, a progressive, a hard worker, and a great catch for the AG job. Thank you for running!
Mr. X @3,

Yeah, I'd have to say the smart money would be on McKenna in 2012. But he has made some mistakes recently that could come back to haunt him.
While I think McKenna is by far the Republicans' best chance at winning, that's not saying a lot. He positioned himself as a moderate when running for AG, but as Goldy mentions above, he's taken a couple of positions (health care lawsuit, Goldmark lawsuit) since that only endeared him to the Tea Partiers and angered Democrats.

The other concern for McKenna is that many Democrats were very familiar with John Ladenburg, and not in a good way. Jay Inslee won't be suffering from the same issue of lost crossover votes.
"Will Bob Ferguson doorbell all 2,271,398 WA households?"

He'll come close. That man is a doorbelling machine!
Fuck McKKKenazina;A socialist needs to run for office:Anybody from the Freedom Socialist Party of the Party for Socialism and Liberation planning to run for Governess/or?I can't stand these bigots in the Demolican/Republocrat Ko-alition!!!
Somebody remind me of the legal cases Ferguson has tried? A couple of years ago, the legal beagle let his bar membership lapse.

I'm no fan of McKenna's or Dunn's, but I hope the D's come up with some better candidates.
I don't think Dunn is going to run for AG. If they run Reichert in a Forlorn Hope campaign against Cantwell - and seriously, who else have they got? - then Dunn will run for Mommy's old seat.

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