In Case You Missed It: Hawaii approves same-sex civil unions, Officer Ian Birk is an officer no more, and the hunger for criminal charges against the John T. Williams-killing Birk remains.

Speaking of the Hunger for Criminal Charges Against Ian Birk: Last night it drove a horde of protesters into a confrontation with police.

Meanwhile in Bahrain: Four dead after police storm protest camps.

God Works in Mysterious Ways: Port Orchard pastor arrested for alleged child rape.

WTF?: Another female employee assaulted at Monroe Correctional Center.

Look Out!: Humongous solar flare headed for Earth.

Fatal Impatience: 29-year-old woman accused of murdering her 77-year-old boyfriend.

Secret Millionaire!: Northwest woman who lived a frugal life dies and leaves millions to charity.

Finally, here's a song I love by a band I love: Standard Fare's "Dancing."