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I love that Rufus, Lorca and Jorn's kid has Leonard Cohen for a grandfather.
This reminded me, there's an amazing BBC Earth short documentary on beavers:…
Those protesters last night were idiots, but they didn't need to get pepper sprayed. As for the KING5 video, I thought it was weird they name checked Officer Ian Birk a handful of times but at 2:00 referred to "that wood carver" and not John T. Williams. If we should remember anyone by name from this whole mess, it's not the person who pulled the trigger.
Capitol HIll Seattle's peerless coverage from last night was updated to note CD News' coverage of this morning's arson at the SPD substation at 23rd and Cherry:……

@Carlos - at the Wednesday protest, a family member of Williams asked that people not use his name, due to their belief that it calls them from the journey to the next life. I dunno if that had anything to do with it, but respecting the family's wishes would've been a nice thing for the protesters to do. They definitely weren't doing that on Wednesday.
That's some exciting city you live in, gus! Liked the mention of marchers trying to recruit people from a swish pub...
@5, yeah, that and the fact that it's a lot of people. But you're right, 4 million people who vote are definitely not something to be fucked with.
Canuck, I like that it's such an exciting city my favorite hometown newspaper can't be bothered to send someone to cover every little protest march/police confrontation even within the two-block radius of the Stranger World Headquarters.

(Mind you, I've tried out that swish pub, the once only. I've even ordered their version of poutine, which tops fries not with curds and gravy but with what they insist on calling "fontina fenduta and demi-glacé".)
mean momma: Aside from posting the kids' photos, I think the parent's response was reasonable. It helps to repair the tub and be rid of a toy the kids are unable to play with safely.
Oh, no way, gus! I can't believe they Frenchied up the humble heart attack that is nothing sacred? (as they say here, the problem with eating poutine is four days later, you're hungry dum bum..)

I think the Stranger World Headquarters should have something large on top of the building, like the Daily Planet...what, oh what would it be...?)
" due to their belief that it calls them from the journey to the next life."

Ah, so crazy, irrational religion but since it's 'native' no ridicule allowed
Ooh, Canuck, you're onto something there. This town already had one paper that for decades had a spinning neon globe on its roof. That one went tits up, though...

Maybe just a phrase in huge green neon in the Stranger's beautiful logo font, something that captures the paper's editorial philosophy while nodding to its greatest moments. Say, "The Frothy Mix".
This is why they pay you the big bucks, gus...that is perfect! With the added benefit that Rick Santorum will be Google #1 forevah. I say we make it a Strangercrombie auction item..."design control of the new neon moniker. Must be visible from Alberta."
Matt Wisniewski, a 22-year-old college student at the University of Wisconsin, put together this inspiring video in support of unions in Wisconsin. The video consists of three days of footage of the 30,000 protesters at the state capitol in Madison against a bill that would drastically curb the bargaining power of public employees in unions. The accompanying song is Arcade Fire’s “Rebellion (Lies).”…
Oh, Gus, please tell me they really put that accent on "demi-glacé". That's precious. I hope they pronounce it "glah-say" when you ask, too.

The woman selling her kids' toys on Ebay is currently wishing she'd never met her husband or heard of the internet.
Hmmm, not in the newspapers, but still news:

that's HB 1997

Expansion of state convention center and support for the arts would attract more tourists, create jobs and prosperity

Business, labor and arts leaders joined today in backing a bill requested by King County Executive Dow Constantine and introduced today in Olympia by State Rep. Tina Orwall to stimulate economic growth through support of programs that draw more tourists here.

"Every visitor we bring to King County spends money and provides revenues needed to support human services, housing, public safety, and transportation," said Executive Constantine. "As the economy begins to recover, we need to do all we can to position the region for economic prosperity."

Rep. Orwall's bill would reinvest four revenue streams currently dedicated to Safeco Field and Qwest Stadium to support arts and cultural programs, expand the Washington State Convention Center, establish workforce housing to help workers such as those employed in the hospitality, service, arts and related industries, and support other projects that spur tourism countywide and generate economic benefits.

"The arts are an economic engine that generates $1.75 billion in local activity that benefits everyone," said Executive Constantine. "The work to essentially double the capacity of the State Convention Center will provide thousands of good-paying construction jobs in the short term, and over the long term will draw hundreds of thousands more visitors who will spend an estimated quarter-billion dollars in new money here and create even more jobs."

"Cultural organizations employ 29,000 people in King County and generate $79 million dollars in tax revenue alone, according to a recent ArtsFund study," said Jim Kelly, Executive Director of 4Culture, the King County Cultural Development Authority. "Beyond the economics, the arts bring people together, allow us to share our diverse cultural traditions and build a sense of community that is inclusive for all."…
Expanding the convention center sure ain't green, considering the proportion of users who fly here.
I like the (A)narchist chanting "Arrest Birk now!"

@18, so those people will not fly some place else for a convention if this thing isn't built?
Somebody else somewhere else will not build to accommodate the capacity?
And we don't need the workforce housing?

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