"Fight Until the Last Man, the Last Woman, the Last Bullet": Gadhafi's son warns of civil war in Libya.

This Can't Be Good: Bahrain royal family orders army to turn on the people.

Captured by Somali Pirates: Seattle couple taking yearlong sail around the world.

Man Arrested in Tacoma Mall Glass-Shattering Rampage: "[W]itnesses saw the man punch televisions, scream and destroy merchandise and displays in his fit of rage that began near the food court."

Lord and Lady Stickyfingers: Portland couple accused of shoplifting $5 million worth of merchandise from Safeway stores.

Reportedly Not Random: The shooting of a man early yesterday in South Lake Union.

Dogs in the News: Chihuahua suffers alleged sexual assault in Florida, wheaten terrier elected president of Annandale civic association, and family pit bull fatally mauls a 10-day-old boy in Kalamazoo.

It's About Fucking Time: Scientists create stuttering mice.

Die LOLing: "A driver was texting on her cell phone moments before being killed in a head-on crash near Olympia Friday," reports KING 5. "The 22-year-old was on State Route 12 when her 2005 Mazda 3 crossed the centerline and hit a 1995 Freightliner box truck heading the opposite direction."

Finally, on this day in 1977, Fleetwood Mac released Rumours, which spent the next 700 weeks on the U.S. album charts. It will always sound good.