Libya: Hillary Clinton says "Now is the time to stop this unacceptable bloodshed," as Qaddafi continues to kill his people with warplanes, mercenaries, and tanks.

New Zealand: 6.3 earthquake kills at least 65, and Prime Minister John Key, surveying the damage, says this may be his country's "darkest day."

Wisconsin: Governor threatens public employees with layoff notices.

Hijacked Seattleites killed: Phyllis Mackay and Robert A. Riggle, who had been held by Somali pirates, were killed by the pirates today, along with two other Americans.

SPU vs. its LGBT group, Haven: The president responds, though not very clearly, and so does Dean Jordan, as the letter campaign continues.

Snow: Up to 6 inches could fall by Thursday.

Seattle home prices: At their lowest levels since the housing bust.

Too gay for Vashon: Building owner forces gallery to take down art featuring semi-nude gay couples, calling it pornography.

Emanuel: Could be mayor of Chicago by the end of the day.

And Qadaffi is definitely not in Venezuela. He's in Tripoli, wearing a furry hat and holding an umbrella, according to this video from Libyan state television: