Snow: Falling outside the city limits, and expected to hit Seattle this evening.

School closures: Here.

And speaking of schools: Scandal at the Seattle School District, which is being investigated for spending $1.8 million on, apparently, nothing.

Libya: A look at Qaddafi's African mercenaries.

New Zealand: Quake death toll now at 75, with many still unaccounted for.

Wisconsin: Today, the filibuster.

State of the City: Stranger thoughts on McGinn's speech here, here, and here.

Tuba Man killer: Back in jail again, his third arrest since being convicted (and released) for the murder of Edward "Tuba Man" McMichael in 2008.

Seattle couple killed by Somali pirates: Knew the risks, didn't want to let fear stop them.

Hypocrite: Gingrich called out in Pennsylvania for being married three times while opposing gay marriage.

And in honor of the third post-murder arrest for one of the Tuba Man killers: