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Can KIRO Back Up Its Christian-Baiting Story About "Spring Spheres"?

Lynn Gardner


Easter eggs (or "spring spheres" as they are called in your school system) cannot be considered religious, except for the word "Easter". BTW, you referred to the "right-wing talk radio host" that carried the story. Do you also refer to PBS as "left-wing"?
Wow! Cannot verify that it ever happened so it must not have. Great Logic there. Especially when you base your story on the administration asking "OK who did it?" and nobody fessed up. Are you seeriously that impared?
Wow! Great logic there, nobody admitted to it so it didn't happen. Especially when you base the premise of your article on administrators asking "Who did it?" and nobody fessed up.
It think that Dori should immediately recant the story and apologize to the entire town at Pike's after your hard hitting expose. Great work Bernstein!
This story stank from the beginning. Like the stories of protestors spitting on returning Vietnam Vets or the benefits of tax cuts to the rich.

As the DI newsroom had embroidered on its wall, "Single source stories bite the big one."
h8fakes, is there any reason not to believe that the same teacher tried to impose gay marriage and Shariah law on her students? I think not and frankly, I'm outraged.
@2 Great Logic to assume it's true, when no one can find a person who actually said it as well. How about we agree it was pointless to put into the ether without any confirmation by the "reporter" in the first place, eh?
I believe that the story is not true, based on the facts here. What parent--who is offended by a teacher's actions--is not going to call out the teacher and name the school?

Also, as a Christian, I know that Easter eggs have absolutely nothing to do with the meaning of Easter. Eggs, jelly beans, easter baskets, chocolate, pretty hats and dresses have NOTHING to do with the real meaning and religious significance of Easter. (Yeah, they come from the pagan fertility rituals of early spring). Just like there is a religious and a secular Christmas, there is a religious and a secular Easter. I am fine with their co-existance. And how YOU choose to celebrate these holidays does not affect MY personal faith.

You'll have to pry the Cadbury Creme Egg out of my cold, dead hands, but there's no way it has anything to do with religious Easter.
When Cadbury Creme Eggs are outlawed, only outlaws will have Cadbury Creme Eggs.
h8, you must be big fan of fox news.
They should not be having any Easter eggs or anything else to do with religeon at a public school. The parents ranting about their values should teach those values at home. Public schools should teach things reading, writing, history, math, science and other subjects along those lines.

Thank you,
Kelly Jackola
Milton, Wa.
@Peasant: Your right that this story stank from the beginning and that single source news bites the big one - especially anonymous sources as "people" stated.
@nowittyname: How did you make that intellectual leap about faux news? I guess that the Stranger has a lot more glenn beck followers than I origiinally imagined eh? Since you brought it up though, this article is a prime example of the crap we would see on faux news or GE/DNC/MSNBC - short on facts, long on sensationalism. Dori was wrong to post it, and it is wrong to attempt to refute it in the same way.

I don't see anything in this article that suggests that Mr. Holden is attempting to "refute" the spring spheres story. I think he's simply pointing out that the story is an unverified, single-source story being presented as fact (i.e. calling out bad journalism, which is always a good thing as far as I'm concerned).
Hmmm...on second thought, the headline on this article could have been a little less suggestive. The person who wrote the article generally doesn't write the headline though (at most papers I know of).
A right wing host with an inflammatory story about censorship of a public school student's religious expression? I'm shocked. Did anyone check to see if the original was printed out on Urban Legend letterhead?

Their Christ would be appalled at their behavior.
Presumably if it had happened, a couple witnesses would have come forward by now. However, we know that this kind of PC idiocy is very possible in Seattle. Remember the King Cty directive that banned "merry Christmas?" Or the web site posting from Seattle schools that linked 'future time orientation' with racism?

If the story isn't true, that is hardly cause for Seattle libs to high five & run around with noses in the air.
Okay, okay, so Dori Monson made it up, but only because an unidentified black man threatened her with rape if she didn't do it.
this story did not happen. seattle public schools DOES NOT have anything even slightly resembling the "abstract behavior rules" they site. THIS POLICY DOES NOT EXIST. this story was a plant by by a local rush limbaugh to rile up stupid and reactionary teabaggies...and, as h8f8kes or whatever clearly demnostrates, IT WORKED.
Oh what depths our Idiocracy has sunk to when this crap is considered newsworthy. I understand that christianists believe the easter bunny rose from the dead, but where the hell do the eggs come in?
I have to say that I can see the attraction of furthering this story without sufficient attribution: When I read the expression "Spring Spheres", I laughed louder and longer than I had in a month of Sundays!

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