Minnesota has a real problem:

A slumber party in Minnesota ended in tragedy when two eighth grade girls fulfilled a suicide pact, killing themselves and leaving behind suicide notes telling their families that they loved them. The bodies of best friends Haylee Fentress and Paige Moravetz, both 14, were discovered Saturday by Fentress' mother, Tracy Morrison. Haylee's aunt, Robin Settle, said the girl had recently moved to the rural town of Lynd, Minn., and had complained to her family that she felt ostracized and bullied.... Settle said that her niece, Haylee, had been the victim of bullying after moving to Minnesota from Indiana with her mother and 8-year-old brother. "She was made fun of for being overweight, her red hair," Settle said. "She posted on my [Facebook] wall that she really wanted to come back...that the people were mean and cruel and she didn't fit in."

This might have had something to do with the bullying these girls endured:

"They were best friends. Haylee started school here about a year ago and over the course of the year, they'd become best friends," said Brett Behnke, Paige's uncle. Paige played hockey and was teaching Haylee to skate, Behnke said.... The two girls were so close, Haylee had hyphenated her last name on Facebook to include Paige's last name.

As Joe points out: the Minnesota Family Policy Council and other "Christian" hate organizations have blocked attempts to bring anti-bullying programs to public schools in Minnesota. Kids who go to schools—gay or straight—that have anti-bullying programs and GSAs are less likely to attempt suicide.