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Sizing Up the City Council Challengers

Dropout. Josh Bis


Classen is an extremely impressive candidate. Spoke to him at the Havana event. Hope he wins!
Michael Taylor-Judd may be anti-tunnel, but I haven't heard him talk about the issue once in his stump speech. It seems like that's the one way he could pick up some grassroots momentum; I don't know why he shies away from it.
Have to agree with #1: equally impressed with Classen and there's really no arguing that it's time to bring some new ideas and new blood into the council -- notwithstanding whatever zombie blood transfusion Godden gets to keep her ticking.
@2, I don't shy away from talking about the tunnel one bit. I answer questions on the trail about it all the time.

I was opposed to the tunnel five years ago, and I promise you I haven't changed my mind on the issue.

It's not usually in my stump speech for two reasons:

1) I'm not running for office because I'm anti-tunnel. I'm running for office because we need elected leaders who are under-40, use transit, understand what a vibrant urban community can look like, and fight hard for the folks out in the neighborhoods.

2) I have mostly been speaking to Democratic Party organizations lately -- where I get little attention in the endorsement meetings precisely because of my anti-tunnel stance. I lost my own 34th District and Young Democrats endorsement because folks are angry that I keep talking against the tunnel.
Wow. I expect The Stranger to be unfair and inaccurate, but this is the most ridiculous post I can remember in years.
I recently met Classen and I must that I am quite impressed with him. He seems like a genuine, hard-working man. Classen told me about he used to deliver pizzas to make his way through UW Law.
I recently met Classen the other day and must say that he impressed me. He seems like a genuine, hard-working kind of guy. He also seems very passionate about making positive change in Seattle!
Only vote for socialists;if there ain't any,then fuck 'em!And Snobbattle needs district voting anyways (like all normal cities on Planet Earth!).Action Seattle has a half-assed campaign that would be an improvement on the bourgie norm----->
Still no public financing of campaigns in "lefty" Seattle . . . .
Why is Meacham never referred to as the former T-Mobile employee?
Classen is a real class-act. I've met him a few times through friends that support him, and I absolutely trust he is the kind of leader we should be adding to the council. I respect Jean's work to protect women's safety net issues, but knowing Maurice's story with his mother there is no doubt in my mind he will fight for women and have the energy/enthusiasm to take on a few other issues as well.
@11 because nobody cares if he used to work for t-moblie
Note to Michael Taylor-Judd. For someone who talks a lot about "fighting for the neighborhoods", it has been nothing but disappointing to have you AWOL in your own neighborhood of Delridge. Lots of efforts going on in your own backyard! Not once have you been seen out picking up trash with your neighbors or any of the other nuts-and-bolts and get-your-hands-dirty type of thing that would let people who live around you know who you are and why you are running. Hanging out with the 34th Dist Dems does not build street credibility.
@14, Criticism duly noted. Actually meant to help with the re-painting of the Welcome sign recently.

On the other hand, I've been successfully working on getting the schedules of the 120/125 better aligned for us.
I met Godden over a decade ago, when she was still a newspaper writer, and I thought she was senile then. I spent almost two hours giving her a tour of the company I worked for. As we toured around, I asked if she had any questions or comments. She walked around, looked around,never took notes and never said a word. it was absolutely weird. She was either a jackass or senile, and either was a reason enough for me not to vote for her.
Clark is endorsed by Seattle police guild... She had no choice by to join the sad 11 point plan that doesn't do anything significant for the taxpayers. The union(guild) still runs the show and grants officers enormous legal and financial protections, all at taxpayers expense. Ferguson wants the union out of the process, which is completely opposite. She doesn't even want any negotiations with the mob(union). She wants a totally new independent process and wants taxpayers to have a subpoena power over officers. Currently police union has absolute power over taxpayers, if you want to investigate police today, the only fair way is to hire a $20K-$70K lawyer, there is no fair administrative process set up. It's not just here, most police departments are investigating themselves in this 'free' country. A union is not always a good thing for the people... In this case the people are enemy and they made sure that the people have no rights, unless they are rich and can hire an expensive lawyer. Clark is ok with this, and she got the police guild endorsement, and obviously the money from them to fund her campaign... She must go. Vote for Ferguson, at least she stands for our constitutional rights and not anti-taxpayer brutality-promoting unions.

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