News Jun 29, 2011 at 4:00 am

Jay Inslee Wants to Be Your First Gay-Marriage-Supporting Governor


I wonder if Inslee has anything else to offer. Well, we'll never know from Eli Sanders. After all, gay marriage is the *greatest* issue facing the nation.
The Freedom Socialist Party and the Party for Socialism and Liberation have always been for equal rights for the LGBTQ community;why gamble by voting for a Dem?Do you self-called progs have Battered-Person Syndrome?
Naa, no thanks Jay. You just guaranteed that I will be voting for the other guy. I don't condone the gay lifestyle nor do I want to learn or be forced to learn about it. I only hope that the gay marriage referendum will come out once more so I can sign it over and over again to ABOLISH it for good. For everyone else, you may now commence with your barrage of thoughtful yet witty remarks that are directed to me about this issue. Enjoy. ;-)
I don't do would be! could be! should be! for "one" just how long after the civil war did it take for blacks to be treated "truly" equal?

Inslee opened his mouth as %100 of all politipiggys do but "No one" in America that I know "is not" from the Missouri State.

The punk needs to win and then the punk needs to deliver in mass in bulk and in yesterday.

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