News Jul 13, 2011 at 4:00 am

Why Illegal Yellow Pages Deliveries Won't Necessarily Result in Penalties

Paul Swansen


I think Jason Sawatzki is a "fucking intolerant douche" who needs to get a life. Jason, it's a phone book, recycle it.
the website is There's no "www" at the beginning. WWW is the worst abbreviation ever -- it has more syllables than what it's meaning "world wide web".
@2, thanks, fixed.
#1, think of all the paper being wasted and used. It's 2011. The last time I used a phone book, an Arkansan was in the White House. While I don't necessarily agree with a monetary fine, I find it very wasteful, and it's akin to littering.
Will these lists really be heeded? You think the folks who deliver the phone books will really consult a list of addresses? It's a pain in the butt lowly job being done by people who might have no other job prospects for the time being.
Recycling paper uses a lot of energy and creates substandard paper and significant pollution. It would actually make a lot more sense to mulch the stuff.

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