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Nancy Grace is unhappy with the Knox verdict. Wasn't she screeching high praise for the Italian justice system when Knox was convicted?
Hugs are god's way of giving you cupcakes.
Nancy Grace has been publicly censured three times by the Georgia bar. Consider the source.
maybe adele would stop having to cancel/postpone/reschedule shows and tours due to throat problems if she stopped smoking more than a pack a day of cigarettes.
Sesame Street introduces a hungry character, but no gay characters, no sir. Someone might find that upsetting.

At least there's potential for an excellent scene where Lily confronts Cookie Monster. I picture ten minutes of awkward silence, with only the sounds of Lily's stomach growling and cookie monster slowly chewing.
Who the hell voted for Bil Keane? That comic is AWFUL.
@6 - I did. The comic is awful, which is all the more reason to commemorate another year closer to Bil Keane's death. I'm sure he's a lovely person (I'm not actually all that sure), but that comic needs to end. It's like a New Year's countdown, but nobody knows when midnight is exactly.
Diderot? Really people?

What a bunch of elitist pansies.
I trust Amanda enjoyed a long hot bath in a luxious getaway last night.
Mercedes van by Mercedes. Mercedes, Mercedes, Mercedes, Mercedes. Never mind that the company was purchased by Mercedes from Dodge only in the last year and the van is built in the USA. Mercedes!
Harriet The Spy!
Feebie @9: I hope she did. I hope she got laid, too (though she probably didn't). You got a problem with that?
It was also Larry Fine's birthday. How could you leave him off the poll?
Oh, man, Harriet the Spy? If that tale were told today it would devolve into Facebook bullying, YouTube slanders, and suicides all around.

The only thing I'd add to Morning News would be the bit in the NYT today about the enviro Bullitt Foundation's office building going up on Madison (where Slaughters/CC Attle's gay bar was) being on track as the greenest such thing ever built.…
I found this app called Advanced Lie Detector Plus and was going to run the Knox courtroom statements through it. Does anyone have a web link?…
@8 -- of course Diderot! How on earth can you call him an elitist? As one of the first encylopedists, he devoted himself to ensuring accurate and interesting information about a vast array of subjects was available to ordinary people, not merely specialized elites. Not to mention that before the advent of google, encyclopedias were the primary resource for plagiarists and lazy students to throw together last minute school reports, allowing them to devote their time to non-scholastic pursuits like getting high and getting laid.

What could be less elitist than that?
As a hockey fan I respectfully put in my vote for honoring living hockey legend, cancer survivor, and philanthropist Mario Lemieux on his birthday.
Added bonus: he looks great in a suit.
@12: Only if you were the other party, 5280. (... just kidding)
@7: Dream on, Croc. They'll just pull a Schulz and keep running that strip until the last printing press evaporates from proton decay.
For those about to Rock

We salute You!
Nancy Grace has never met an innocent person, yet she expects the public to believe she was innocent in NippleGate.

Just be glad she has finally stopped talking about her murdered boyfriend from 30 years ago. She milked that story until it was bone dry.
@19 - Then at least for a few glorious weeks, they'll be running the original Family Circuses, when it was mildly chuckle-worthy once in a blue moon.

And it won't be long after that before the print industry dries up altogether, and we revert to a Mad-Max-style world where there is no Keane family.
Nancy Grace says the jury is always right. Sure. Who believes the O.J. jury was right? Robert Blake jury? Casey Anthony jury? Not even Grace could say that with a straight face with those juries.
Knox returns and Mudede's white chick in prison hard on melts away.
Texting and driving ... how many times must a study be done? We know it's stupid for people to do it, let's start treating any form of distracted driving like drunk driving now. Technology is awesome, I love it, but like all tools it requires the user to at least have an ounce of intelligence and responsibility.
A CGI Mr. Ed? Why, was Sarah Jessica Parker busy?
Nancy Grace is a soulless cipher who feeds on the fetid pus of a thousand blisters.

And she has awful hair. Awful.

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