Shit like this—endless process, strenuous efforts to ensure that every voice gets heard, consensus-driven everything—is what killed ACT-UP. This kind of shit attracts people who get off on this kind of shit (crazy people) and repels people who can't stand this kind of shit (sane people). I realize this video was posted to a conservative blog to make OWS look ridiculous—but it actually happened. And it's happening in NYC too. Gayle Collins wrote about the "assembly" problem in her column on Saturday:

“You get so many voices and so many opinions, it’s hard to find consensus,” said Ambrose Desmond, a 32-year-old psychotherapist from San Francisco who was the leader of the meeting. Or would have been if there were any leaders. Which there most definitely were not. The people sitting around with Desmond were studying a proposal for reorganizing the way that the various working groups—Donations, Finance, Outreach, Internet, Sanitation, Medical, Direct Action and many, many more—make their opinions felt in the evening assembly. The current system, it said, makes newcomers come away “exhausted by our model of direct democracy, rather than invigorated and inspired by it.”

Once the lunatics realize that you've adopted "a model of direct democracy" that requires you to listen to lunatics, the lunatics will come. Then the sane people—exhausted, not invigorated—leave. And then there's nothing but lunatics left.