This Is What Democracy Looks Like: Insider trading is legal for members of Congress.

This Should Go Well... The United States Supreme Court will determine the fate of the Affordable Care Act, with oral arguments in March and a ruling by June.

Two Dead in Lake City Way Collision: "The violent collision propelled the vehicles more than a hundred yards from the intersection."

Penn State Getting Hit Where It Hurts: Advertising dollars.

32 Arrested at Occupy Oakland: Including many members of the clergy.

Occupy Spokane? Might be in trouble, as consistent cold weather and snow will be setting in starting tonight—trends that will probably occur in other cold regions with Occupations.

Merkel Cracks Down on Neo-Nazis: German authorities believe the group has been responsible for 10 murders from 2000 to 2006.

Reichert Fights for Wind Tax Credits: Apparently a contentious issue, with so much hydro power in the state and no need for infrastructure to accommodate future consumption, like, ever.

Apartment Building with Noxious Fumes, Hazardous Materials, and an Evacuated 16th Floor: In Tacoma!

A compelling alternative to yesterday's My Way by Frank Sinatra, provided by reverend dr dj riz in the comments. Thanks!