SPD Allegedly Causes Protester's Miscarriage: Read about it here.

How Happy Is Seattle, Really? Apparently, pretty happy, other than the south end and Seattleites aged 19-24.

Stormy Weather: The US economy missed third quarter growth estimates, coming in at 2.0% annualized growth.

What a Regressive Tax Buys You: Eli lays out what the Governor's proposed half-cent tax increase preserves from an all-cuts budget here.

Lowest US Teen Pregnancy Rates Ever: Still higher than much of the of the developed world.

Facebook Makes it 4.74 Degrees of Separation: I mean, damn.

Fighting Birds Killed in Advance of Raid: Seventeen people were arrested on Sunday for animal cruelty related to the operation.

Obama Fights for Payroll Tax Reduction Extension: Thank god he's not caving on this one in extensive deficit talks—yet?

UC Davis Re-Occupies: More trolls should probably oppose liberal police use of pepper spray on the grounds that it makes crowds larger over time.

Turkish PM Calls for Bashar al-Assad's Resignation: "'It is not heroism to fight against your own people. If you want to see someone, who has fought against his own people, look at Nazi Germany, Hitler, Mussolini, Ceaucescu of Romania,' Mr. Erdogan said."

It's a Bear! It's... Whoops: A hunter shot a man after mistaking him for a bear. And now his widow is suing.

I don't really like Thanksgiving. So here's my favorite arrangement of my favorite Christmas song.