US Unemployment Drops to 8.6% From 9% last month. The really sad part of this? 8.6% is a 2 1/2 year low in unemployment.

Google Enters Another Well-Established Internet Business: But this time they're jumping into the E-Tailing business, to compete directly with Amazon Prime.

Free Lolita? A killer whale named Lolita caught off Whidbey Island and sold to a Florida theme park might be released, citing the Endangered Species Act.

Kitsap Deputy Alleged DUI: A 30-year Kitsap County Sheriff's Office deputy was arrested after drifting lanes and blowing a .13... in Tacoma!

Bellingham Macy's Employee Allegedly Grifts $17,000: In gift cards and merchandise.

Democrats Fail on Payroll Tax, 51-49: Their proposal was paid for with a millionaire's tax, while McConnell's plan—which went down 20-78—would have shrunk the federal workforce.

Naked Man Allegedly Charges Cop: After getting into some kind of disagreement on the 2600 block of Wilderness Drive in Thurston County, a man allegedly took off his clothes and charged a patrol car, assaulting a deputy. Deputies then tasered him multiple times.

Oops? Britney Spears is 30.

After rehearsals of rhythmically difficult pieces with a large, white choir, I find solace in Parliament.