The WaPo's assertion that Ari Fleischer was not involved in the initial funding decision is misleading in the extreme.

He's in it up to his eyeballs, having directly recruited VP Karen Handel and probably having conceived, Rove-like, of the whole Planned Parenthood-defunding strategy to begin with:…
The gap between Gingrich and Romney is going to get wider? I am sure it is states won and in delegates.
@1 holy mackerel. Thanks.
With regards to Gingrich, a lot depends on when and whether Santorum drops out. In the past few contests Santorum has been getting half as many votes as Gingrich; if he drops out this would allow Gingrich to consolidate all the not-Romney voters who don't like Ron Paul.

Right now I think Santorum is holding on because this race has been so volatile so far and he's hoping for a second surge. If Gingrich could get a second surge, why can't he?
"Whose smarter"? Really?
I think China has a great deal to lose having placed it's bet on Assad. When, not if, the people regain control of their country, they won't be forgetting or forgiving what China has done. As for Russia, they never fucking learn.
Santorum won't drop out. The xtians will keep paying him until another candidate pretends to care what they think.
Slog needs more butts. This is a good start. Please continue.
I was expecting to see some peen. Bullshit that they didn't run back.
I don't know about you but it is nice a sunny right now. And the day has just gotten started.
I you are going to post bare bottoms on Slog, how about featuring that delightful boy from Washington Bus?

Whenever they have the argument over how great a 8.3% unemployment rate is, I keep thinking of Eddie Murphy:

If you're starving and somebody throw you a cracker, you gonna be like this: Goddamn, that's the best cracker I ever ate in my life!…
@ 4, by this point voters are resigning themselves to Romney. If Santorum drops out (which will happen, I predict before March), what will actually happen is that Gingrich will only get the hardcore of not-Romney voters; of the rest, some will go to Romney for pragmatic reasons, while the rest will just stay home.
Gee, I just don't understand why Russia and China are not aggressively pursuing World War 3 like we are. I'm sure Hil-dog and NATO have only the best of intentions with regards to Syria.
If you are interested in the Syria situation, you should read this article, sheds a very interesting light on the situation.…
Re: Southern Exposure. Can we say shrinkage?
@9, see @16. Even if they'd run back at us, there'd scarcely be anything to see.
"vangaurd of the egyptian revolution" :) I'm gonna pretend its a quote of me in the last thread about the soccer riots ...

As for the UN debacle... This is what ALLOT of nations have talked about for a while the fact that the UN is neutered by the security council and its countries veto-rights stemming from the cold war political arena.
So allot of smaller countries are just not giving a fuck about the UN since its considered a puppet of the US, Russia, England, China and France and all you do is offer one of those five some money, power or oil and you can do what you want. Syria being just the lastest in a string of such cock-ups. Which is a shame for such a great project.
Actually, the really fun run at the South Pole is the 300 degree challenge. In June or July, when the outside temperature gets to -100F, you get in the sauna and crank it up to 200F, roast for a bit, then head out for a loop around the ceremonial pole.

It's pitch black then, of course, so it'd be a really boring film.

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