Disappointing: The U.S. economy added only 120,000 jobs in March - dipping from bigger gains in the preceding three months. The unemployment rate fell from 8.3 percent to 8.2 percent.

"If only Sarah Palin had run ...": "She'd have the nomination sewn up by now" and "she'd be running even in the polls with the president." Thus spake young British historian Timothy Stanley. Tim, this is not funny.

It's not over yet: Santorum is only taking an Easter break, he will return to the election trail Tuesday.

End Prop 7? Two men behind a tough California execution law passed in 1978 are now trying to repeal it. They are advocating for mandatory life without parole.

"We started with 300 on death row when we did Prop 7, and we now have over 720 — and it’s cost us $4 billion," one of them told the Times.

Joyce Banda: Sworn in as Malawi's president - first female head of a state in southern Africa.

Brothel Tourism: Prostitution booms in Spain while the rest of the country's economy struggles, making the country a "go-to" destination for sex tourism.

"The young used to go to discos. But now they go to brothels. It's just another form of entertainment to them," says a civil rights counselor in Barcelona.

Cornish won't give Mike Daisey honorary degree: Daisey responds.

Sunshine! Today!

And, in case you have ever wondered, this is what happens when a helicopter crashes.