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Can Inslee Get a Fair Shake from Journalists Convinced He's Going to Lose?


You might consider that the editorial boards are in his pocket because of how he comes across. He's intelligent, willing to respond to any question with actual answers and not rhetoric. Plus, he's been a tireless advocate for open records, public meetings laws and more.

He's impressive, as you know. Inslee got booted from Congress by lightweight Doc Hastings, despite spending considerable time trying to convince voters in that conservative district he was a right-leaning moderate.

He moved to a liberal-lock district and suddenly became — presto! — a liberal. There's seems to be some ideological flexibility there, the sort that Democrats are throwing in Romney's face right now.

But really, McKenna is angling for, what, 46 or so percent of the King County vote? Without that, Inslee takes the same path to Olympia that's well-worn by Gregoire.

There is no media conspiracy favoring McKenna. The fact they don't openly hate him just makes it seem so.
Always good to hear from McKenna's campaign staff on this important subject!
"the 5 percent of things that government does wrong while ignoring the 95 percent that government does right." think you have your numbers flipped there dude!
McKenna scares me. Any man that much a wuss is hiding an agenda. He may be looking to pay back the bullies who intimidated him in high school. He'd probably be happier working as a clerk at Abercrombie & Fitch, but would rather weild power to defy those who don't take wimps seriously. The republican party uses women and wimps like McKenna to show the 'softer side' of their corruption. Remember, when you vote republican, you elect a representive for business interests with a trickle-down policy for other citizens.
@4 - Wow, way to judge a politician on his record and not on the conjectured stories of your depressive disorder ramblings.

I think it's too early to declare the media in love with McKenna. Wait in until the campaigns really start in the fall and we'll see a balance of coverage. People in Washington know McKenna. Most people don't know who Inslee is. There in lies the problem with the Inslee campaign at the moment.
I'm from Yakima and know jay from his years here. My mom babysat his kids, and I've done electrical work at his house (when it was in Selah). Jay is a genuinely nice guy - bright, articulate and attractive in a JFK kind of way.

The only thing surprising about his losing the congressional seat in Yakima County is that he won it in the first place: Yakima does not elect Democrats - ever - for anything.

OK, out auditor is a Democrat, but that's a fluke because she's so damn good at her job even the folks over here realize it would be stupid to throw her out just because she's a Democrat. But when she retires, she will not be replaced by another democrat - trust me.

So dn't hold it against Jay that he got booted out of here by the wretched Doc Hastings, who is loathed by the same people who reelect him year after year, and rightly so. He is reelected solely because he's a Republican and no remotely viable candidate will run against him, because that would be long-term political suicide.

Trust me: Once people get exposed to Jay and see him matched up with McKenna, the votes will start to swing.
I was at a dinner party with McKenna and found him to be intelligent, open, and possibly the last local and viable vestige of moderate Republicanism. As a moderate, I welcome the opportunity to vote for a moderate Republican when one is available, which is rarely.

However, McKenna's role as attorney general in trying to stop Obama's health care reforms is a showstopper for me. It reminds me that McKenna would be a force aligned with others in his party who are more conservative than he is.

So I can't vote for McKenna.
Pick ear,scratch head,scratch butt,Rub chin,Yawn.
The Republican Base is based on the freaky ignorance of Democrats? Its why I chose Reagan over Carter and why I was a Republican for half my life.

Its what happens to Polittypiggys who have no contact with the real world? they say many things and do many things that are "ABSOLUTELY" wrong and then they are oblivious to it and keep on doing it?

Its truly a game of ignorance and the most ignorance loses the race? If Inslee loses it wont be because Republicans are displaying any amount of intelligence, it will be because He is a idiot and he has no Democrats that are any smarter to help his campaign.

Maconya is a AG? this just is so fricking attractive to a population that is suffering from gag reflex and dry heaves with American government?

Its like the lowest attendance ever set at Safe-Co-Field and you still get the clown show economic X-spurts and sigh-n-tist's and anal-ists who want to sell you some crap?

Jay Inslee was in Vancouver Tuesday at a Firefighters Convention where he received their endorsement as reported in the Columbian.

McKenna reminds me of the teacher on the animated show South Park.
Mmmmm Kay Mr Sock?
Ruling Class Media supports McKenna because that's what it is: Ruling Class Media, hence Republican, hence ultimately fascist.

The question is whether Washington voters understand that McKenna (or any other Republican) in the governor's mansion will turn our state into Wisconsin, Ohio and Arizona: war against workers, JesuNazi Jihad against women, genocide by abandonment against anyone elderly, disabled or chronically impoverished.

This is not speculation; it's proven fact. The new GOPorker gubernatorial tactic is to run as a moderate Rightist, then rule like Wisconsin's Scott Walker, channeling Mussolini, Franco, Pinochet, Father Coughlin, Joe McCarthy and of course occasionally even der Führer himself.

Perhaps though it's the will of the electorate to impose the will of the One Percent: turn Olympia into another Madison and the entire state into another Arizona, where all wombs now belong to that divine sadist the Christians hail as their god.

You'd think Washingtonian women, at least, would have better sense.

But maybe the ideology of Ayn Rand has poisoned politics here as hopelessly as it has amongst the DemocRats in general -- note the prevalence of anti-union "progressives." Note too the Ayn Rand influence within the U.S. feminist movement and the subsequent triumph of its unique ideology: capitalism -- infinite greed as maximum virtue -- as maximum "liberation" as well.

It's a terrifying likelihood, especially for somebody like me, old, crippled and permanently impoverished by the One Percent's malicious contractions of the economy.

And likelihood it is: look how the state's voters have already bought the Big Lie "mass transit is welfare" and would rather terminate public transport -- anything to torment the poor -- than pay tiny sales tax increases of two or three pennies on a ten dollar bill.

Admittedly the DemocRats are hardly a utopian alternative. There's no denying the lessons taught us by Barack the Betrayer and Christine the Cruel. But at least Inslee might spare us the imposition of Christian theocracy so characteristic of Republican rule.

Sure, a McKenna Regime might wake the people up. But by then it will be too late -- especially for all of us he and his fellow GOPigs will have deliberately murdered by cutting off our Medicaid and food-stamp stipends: genocide -- the elimination of unprofitable humans -- without the international embarrassment of death camps.

Who's on Facebook and who's Face is on the book?…

"Jay... my hometown area is down in Grays Harbor Co.. When the unemployment figures are given, they only include those who are on unemployment, not those whose unemployment has run out or they didn't qualify for it, or they don't qualify for welfare (no children, too old - like me! - or not disabled enough). The TRUE figures for unemployment in the Grays Harbor area would run somewhere around 35% with NO ONE in Olympia or elsewhere saying a word about jobs for them or about the problem itself. People are selling houses for a small fraction of their value merely to survive. Many of these families have lived on The Harbor for generations with their livelihoods involved in fishing, forestry, logging, etc., all of which are NIL now. What will you do for Grays Harbor County, should you be elected??"
I live in Edmonds and have been voting for Inslee since he first ran in the 1st Congressional Dist. in '98. The guy has an amazing record as our representative, not the least of which is being one of the only Congressmen to have to balls to vote against the Iraq war.

I've been so supremely pissed off at him over his vote for the billion dollar give-away to insurance companies masquerading as health care reform that I've been pretty tepid about doing anything more than voting for him in this election.

I think this article has convinced me otherwise. I was already pretty cheesed listening to the Bob River's show in the morning where they have their lips firmly glues to McKenna's ass but now I've really had enough.

Money? Letters? Doorbelling? You name it I'm in.
This is some of the most biased, crappy, ill-thought-out so-called "journalism" I have read in this state in some time, and that's saying something given how low the standards are.

You write as if Inslee is some kind of brilliant, shining light and that if only he could get a fair shake from the media, everyone would realize how truly brilliant he is and he would win in a walk. From his inane pronouncement about "socially investing" state pension funds at his kickoff press conference (does he or you even know what the term "fiduciary responsibility" means), to his prattling on about "green jobs" that COST millions of dollars per and mostly produce nothing of value, the guy is the embodiment of an empty suit.

And McKenna, if he wins, immediately making a short list as R possibility for president in 2016? In what alternate universe might that be?

Instead of pretending to be a journalist, why don't you go to work for Dwight Pelz?
It might have something to do with Inslee being a slacker?
I not true PRESS!!
Next time,run for governer yourself (if you don't like the Korporatist Klandidates!).Besides,I'm pretty sure the Greens are fronting a candidate who is morally superior to both Inslee and Robberbaron McKKKenna . . . .

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