Perks of being incumbent Obama?: Unlimited use of Air Force One. Of course, Biden and Michelle get to use it too.

How would Romney reduce government deficits? Less health care funding for the poor, big cuts to education, the AP reports.

Bahrain hosts F1 despite protests: Demonstrators burned tires ahead of the race, but the atmosphere inside the circuit was relaxed.

How Sarkozy screwed up: As France votes, Sarko's future is in deep trouble.

Want to marry?: Go to Spain. There's a bride shortage in its villages.

Wal-Mart hushed up Mexican bribery case: A NY Times investigation found that top execs at the company were more interested in doing damage control than correcting wrongdoing.

Charles W. Colson is dead: Colson, 80, was a key figure in the Watergate scandal and later became a prison ministry founder.

A guide to your political friends on Facebook: By The Daily Kos.

Finalists for Seattle schools chief visiting this week: They are José L. Banda, Steven W. Enoch, and Sandra L. Husk (none are locals). The school board expects to name a new superintendent in early May.

Happy Earth Day!: Documerica captures EPA's battles.

And, ever got stuck in a toilet?