News May 16, 2012 at 4:00 am

Why President Obama's Support of Marriage Equality Might Make the Difference in Washington State


I think that a major personalized part of the issue is allowing one to separate oneself from religious views to support the freedom that allows one to keep those views sacred.

I am free to be religious. In our language, the freedom part comes first.

This ultimately means that I need to respect other religions and their views, in order for mine to be accepted.

Ultimately, to maintain the free society I want to live and practice my religion in, every other religion
(however well publicized: Shamanism, animism, Wicca, Christianity and Islam and Hinduism and Buddhism and Judaism AND ALL THEIR SECTS, and many MANY others)
all have a place and gets to share top billing.

The same ought to go for MANY secular views.

Talk about a mess.
I would not want to live anywhere else.
Y'know, it's always kind of a bummer whenever I see these articles, not that I oppose the issue but because it's all STILL just talk.

Here's hopeing the referendum will pass so we can finnaly see real action on this front.

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