Well, Michelle Obama is telling people to eat a vegetable every once in a while, and maybe do some walking. Therefore, she is evil, elitist, and un-American.

The signatures needed to get a measure on the ballot in Maryland is only 3% of the last gubernatorial election, which is extremely easy these days, especially with the internet and the habit of churches to collect a lot of these signatures. Most controversial laws undergo the same scrutiny here. Polling suggests that the referendum will not pass however.
"it's still unclear that" = soft-serve version of "nothing suggests he lifted a finger to"?
@1 - She's also fat.

Say it blows away Kinect...vid seems to demostrate:…

people felt SORRY for laura bush because she was married to a dry drunk fucking asshole narcissist. that's not "like".
One or two kids fall off that particular dorm every decade or so due to the porches, but even uw dorms without porches have the occasional fall tragedies (elevator shaft, stairwell, walkway falls, etc). The greek system has about the same accident rate with their 2-3 story houses; gravity is not a friend of drunk college students.

I can't tell if you're making fun of people who hold that ludicrous notion or or if you actually hold that ludicrous notion.
Oh gosh...clicked on the link for Brian's response and the comments that followed. Bizzaro world! Where the hateful, ignorant trolls are the majority!!! eep!

777 Alert 777 Alert 777

DarkDay Countdown Initiated

Please pay attn. to dcrypted list on compromised TOR routers and G-honeypots.

ZMW-V code split in 4 sections:

Group I: please attend to section 3

Group II: please attend to section 2

Group III: please attend to section 1

Ponies @ AS30811, AS25291, AS2839, AS41980, AS51338, AS13214

Op. Mercator now invoked: highest value --- Marshall Islands - US Virgin Islands - Panama - Isle of Man

Flight follow: Hillary Clinton @State: Inbound Sverige

DarkDay Countdown Initiated

777 Alert 777 Alert 777
@8 that is a long list of hate-filled vitriol – disturbing to read. I clicked through to an older story and the comments were horrible there, too. Sad, sad, sad.
@7 - It was said in the spirit of the comment I was responding to.
Michelle O. didn't kill her high-school sweetie like ol' Laura did. So she loses the street cred points.
@10 It's particularly upsetting seeing all those snide comments full of distasteful humour, pseudo-intellectualism and that sickening, absolute certainty of how "right" they are...and how much Brian is totes going to kick ass...

That's OUR thing!! ;) But really...gross and double-gross.
@5 is correct.
Um, that dog was running around Folklife on Monday, and everyone was calling it Archer and feeding it chicken sate. The note says it was lost on Sunday...was it wearing a collar with its name on it? Why no phone number? Not victim blaming...just wondering how everyone knew its name.
ARCHER THE DOG has been found, thanks to everyone for your help! And Dominic, thanks for posting!!

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