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Republican Reagan Dunn Says He Had a Civil Law Practice During Years He Wasn't a Lawyer


Small note, Goldy, regarding this: And it's not until May 24, 1999, that a notice in the Seattle Times announces that Dunn was "appointed associate attorney" at Inslee, Best, Doezie & Ryder.

Most firms are incredibly slow about making these announcements. It's more likely that Dunn had an offer for an associate position before he took the bar, stayed on at Inslee while waiting for bar results, and then became an associate as soon as his bar number was issued in Jan. 1999.
It wouldn't matter if Dunn was the complete opposite of who is on the political spectrum, the fact that as a candidate for the state AG's office he cannot seem to manage to obey the basic and easy to follow laws of posted speed limits is reason enough for me that he is a the-laws-don't-apply-to-me hypocrite. If you cannot drive safely, you have no right to even apply for the AG job!

"KUOW has learned Dunn was also charged with reckless driving in the state of Virginia back in 2002. In that state, it's a misdemeanor to drive more than 20 miles per hour over the speed limit. That was one of several speeding tickets that appear on Dunn's court records.

Here's how he explains it:

Dunn: "There is no question about it. I have a lead foot. I am getting better and over the last several years, I think I am ticket free."…
A lawyer is not a lawyer until they're admitted to the bar. Reagan Dunn became a lawyer Jan 1999. It's impossible for him to practice law before this date.

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