It gets better?
If only there was a "stand your ground" law that citizens were entitled to use against police...

Well, not really. That would just make things worse. Too often, though, police act like they're at war with the citizenry rather than simply a peacekeeping agency OF the citizenry.
@1, as long as you don't have Mexican piss in you or seem to need a nightstick broken over you, it gets better.
BTW, what is the percentage of the SPD who actually live in Seattle? I've always wondered that for some odd reason. Maybe just worried we have a bunch of rednecks from Kent who come here to work and kick the shit out of some city folk.
@ 4, that's one reason why Denver requires ALL city employees, including cops and firemen, to live in Denver. However, our PD has problems too, so maybe that's not a solution. (Also: there are TONS of rednecks within Seattle city limits, but you have to get your ivory tower ass off of Capitol Hill to find them.)
Seattle has a racist, violent police force because Seattleites don't mind racism and violence enough to have fixed the problem themselves long ago. There are a lot of bad people in this town and that doesn't get talked about enough.

"But I once whined in a Seattle Times comment thread that the SPD doesn't share my values!" Yeah, give that guy a medal.
I wonder how many Seattle cops actually live in Seattle, are a part of, and understand the community. As opposed to commuter Seattle cops from Enumclaw and Auburn. I'd like to know those numbers.
@4 I can only assume the percentage is low...very low. The disgust, disrespect and condescension? I'm sure it all ends with big laughs about beating brown people around the dinner table in Marysville.
@4 The last numbers I heard were that only 7% of the SPD lives within Seattle city limits.
@5, I live in Ravenna you ignorant redneck.
@ 10, for the purposes of redneck spotting, that's just as bad.
Yeah...that's like one of the thugs coming back to South Lake Union and asking for his bullet back from the guys he killed!
What @2 said. If you try to tase me and fail why can't I at least pepper spray, or even shoot you? You just used deadly force on me. Next time say "please" and use handcuffs. What can't I go animal nature and fight for my life? Police, they really are above the law.
Let's unpack the word you. You refers to either the woman questioning the officer, her plus some group she was with, or the racial group she is a member of. From her lack of animation I'm assuming it is not the two former, so I guess it's the latter. And that, friends and trolls, is truly fucked up.
That asshole on the right is an anarchist anD regular 'Free Chris Monfort' dipshit. I hope they crack his skull sometime.
Central District News has more on that day.…
the DoJ studied 1230 use of force reports and concluded 20% were illegal force, also known as beating, assaulting, tasering and clubbing of citizens. Stuff you'd go to the pokey for for 4 months to 5 years, if not worse.

the hundreds of illegal assaults were in a two year period. The Doj found a total lack of SPD command level supervision.

Now, the leaders and commanders who allowed this to happen, want to stay in charge of fixing it.

When you have a 20% bad apple rate and no mechanism for throwing out the bad apples, it's time to get a new barrel. It wouldn't matter if they all lived in Seattle if illegal uses of force are systematically not revealed, or disciplined, but instead are covered up and protected in the mutual lifetime tenure club known as SPD officerhood. It's like they all have a pact to NEVER find another cop fucked up. Now, they want to leverage DoJ into a way to get more training and more officers, instead of booting out the ones who fucked up, which is hudnreds of them and most of their leaders.
I know two cops who live in Seattle. One is on the Auburn force, and the other works for Kent.

As for the officers living in town, that used to be required of all city employees (along with taking an anti-Communism oath!) but it went away around 1970 or so.

There's a mindset not just among cops, but among many of the city departments, particularly in the "macho" jobs (utility linemen, firemen, etc) that living in town isn't cool. They all want to live out in some exurb on a huge piece of land, or in a suburb in a huge house on a tiny lot.

When I met Mr. Vel-DuRay, he lived out in one of those huge house/tiny lot places. The neighbors were all either military, or fire/cops for Seattle and Tacoma. Everyone was having affairs with everyone else. It was trashy, but in a boring way.
@18, aren't the mayor-hecklers presumed to be SPD themselves, agents provocateurs? Probably the hecklers in this video are as well. Wait: you're one too I bet.
@19, "As for the officers living in town, that used to be required of all city employees (along with taking an anti-Communism oath!) but it went away around 1970 or so. "

False equivalency much?
@18 oh yeah! Don't worry. The crack intelligence officers over at Seattle Police Department are analyzing all that footage of people brazenly daring to interrupt our Dear Leader in an attempt to get all the Dangerous Anarchists. Don't worry! Through their efforts you will Be Safe.
Dear Leader, did you forget you meds again? There's no equivalency, false or otherwise, to make with that statement. It's just background on the issue. All city employees used to be required to live in town. Now they don't.

The communism oath I just threw in there because I think it's campy.
Hey Ian Finklewanker, where's jennifer fox's anarchist fetus?

That's right dipshit, you're full of shit.
I'm so glad we're being protected from dangerous things like djembes:…
Would it surprise anyone that this guy is near the top of the list of sworn SPD personnel who are most frequently accused of misconduct?
Eric Arrr, how do you know that? Do you have a link?
It gets even more 'better'. Seattle police dressed like terminators attacking the Gay Pride street party on Capitol Hill. Cops grab people from sidewalks, then peeper spray them , then arrest them and lie shamelessly... It's weird, but there were fights with weapons between really violent suburban teens at the Seattle Center and the cops didn't do much about it. Here on Capitol Hill they deployed an army of combat soldiers! For what?! to fights drunk gays who are not hurting anyone?

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