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Looking for Protest Paraphernalia Associated with Occupy Seattle


Thanks yet again for the coverage, Brendan.
This is terrible, terrible news for our community. How many feature films about scary Police States does our numbed society need to consume before it realizes we're living in one? V for Vendetta was not an action flick, for fuck's sake!
Good JUSTICE served !!!!! Lets find the rest of these losers and make them pay for their uncivlized, savage behavior. If these *ssholes
think they can cause damage and destroy other peoples property they are sadly mistaken.
d eyes.

You are a complete uneducated POS moron.
So your crap was broken and sense of security shattered? Doesn't feel very good when it happens to you, huh?

This story made my day.
Most of the goggles and bandannas are back at the police academy, where the smartass recruits hid them in the first place after pretending to be "anarchists" in order to give the big-boy cops a justification for the teargas and the head wounds.

As for the stuff at THIS apartment, somebody's dog probably woke up later and wondered who the hell ripped off his bandanna.
This is BULLSHIT. How long are we going to put up with crap like this? Does the Constitution mean nothing?!
This is BULLSHIT. How long will we put up with things like this? Does the Constitution mean nothing?!
They keep showing the suspected anarchists on Washingtons most wanted! They suck and all hurting the Nike store like that but god dammit get to the murderous sadomasochistic rapists loose in washington!
Dear SPD; even with the Feds watching you're still pulling this shit? Wow. Dear Feds; please save my city of Seattle from police breaking the law.
Flashbangs... really? Was that level of violence really warrented aganist people who might have broken some windows?
Starts with looking for bandannas and literature.

It ends with looking for YOU.
@11, you can't support civil rights conditionally. It doesn't work that way. You don't get to say thumbs up to the rights that effect you directly, but thumbs down to other people's rights that you don't agree with. That's bullshit.
I agree with #11. If you commit civil disobedience, be prepared to pay the price.
If you see protesters in black check to see if they are wearing Tactical Boots which are steel toed and have a zipper along the inside ankle. They may be hired private security provocateurs. You can get the boots at I used to be a security officer until I decided to look for better paying work.
Hey spfldnet!

Nice tinfoil hat ya got there.
SPD BS, yet again, not surprised. That's their job, to be total fucking jack booted moronic thugs! But christ, keep "V For Vendetta" far away from all this. Crap. I'd kick in someone's door and bash their head in for referencing that movie alone!
Wow David!?! Forgot we still have uninformed idiots in Seattle... Thanx for the reminder bud;)
David (#11)God willing you haven't fathered
@11 Your making assumptions that are unfounded, and if your actually think those "kids" could use getting their heads knocked together I'm sorry about your own childhood. And lets not forget the most american thing of all, "innocent until proven guilty" and if you can't prove it your just being an asshole. How very un-patriotic of ya!
@14 You (they) most decidedly do not have a right to go breaking other people's shit without consequence to yourself (themselves). Full-stop. It's not objecting to rights they have conditionally... it's objecting to behavior they've got no right to. Learn the difference... it's not even very nuanced: If you don't want the cops after you, don't go shattering people's car windows, storefronts, and splashing paint all over everywhere.
I'm sorry... bandannas and goggles? Doesn't everyone have those? And doesn't everyone interested in political theory have books on anarchism (and communism, and libertarianism, and monarchy, ...)?

Anytime somebody says "Yeah, I support civil rights/ BUT..."

That's the same thing as saying "I don't give a damn about civil rights".

If we only have rights when it's convenient for our rulers that we have them, we don't have rights at all.

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