Economy Moves Sideways: The economy added 163,000 jobs in July, yet unemployment ticked up ever so slightly to 8.3 percent.

France Moves Forward: Rookie French President Hollande is already fulfilling his campaign promise to make the richest pay up to 75 percent in taxes.

Romney's Logic Moves Backward: A spokesman told a Des Moines newspaper that Romney will let wind power subsidies expire if he's elected, saying that he wants to "create a level playing field" for power sources.

This Makes My Scales Crawl: The first instances of fish skin cancer have been discovered in three trout species in Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

Facebook Wants to Destroy Your Cat's Facebook Account: Or at least reclassify it. The company found that 83 million accounts on the site are duplicates, misclassified, or fake and designed to spam people.

Illinois Wants to Protect Your Facebook Account: Illinois this week became the second state to pass a law making it illegal for employers to demand the Facebook log-in credentials of their employees.

Olympics History, Some Boring and Some Exciting: Some guy became the first male swimmer to win the same event at three consecutive Olympics; meanwhile, Gabby Douglas became the first African-American to win gold in all-around Gymnastics.

"Everyone poops. Get over it.": One reader's response to a Toronto tourist's complaint about the height of the stall doors in Pike Place Market bathrooms.

I Said, Get Over It: The Gates Foundation will require about 50 gallons of fake poop to test new toilet prototypes at the Reinvent the Toilet Fair this month.

Another Federal Way Shooting: A 27-year-old man was taken to Harborview with multiple gunshot wounds he sustained in his home last night.

"I got a stick because he had a gun": A South Seattle store-owner explains why he decided to chase off a gun-toting robber with a 2x4 this week.

"Mariners are better off without Ichiro": Steve Kelly's take on the situation.

Swimmer Ryan Lochte may have come in second yesterday, but he'll always be first in my heart: