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Initiative 103 Seeks to End Corporate Personhood in Seattle, but It Also Looks Like an Unconstitutional Waste of Time


I appreciate the homework you have done talking to those who say "it can't happen because it hasn't happened and there are laws against it happening.' Now a little research about where it has happened might make a great addendum. For example the city of Pittsburgh has passed such an initiative. See for the fascinating creative legal thinking behind i 103 and the many other similar laws and initiatives across the country.

As for the to you ludicrous idea of protecting our natural environment through creative legislation google Ecuador constitution. Why not start change at the local level by creating fault lines and contradictions? What do you think we should be doing instead?
Check out CELDF to see who these people really are. They claim to be local, and might even pull in a local activist or two to put a face on it, but this is one of a number of attempts by this same Philly legal collective.

The term Envision, as in Envision Seattle, Envision Spiokane, etc is a dead giveaway. A lot of the language is nearly identical to measures that were attempted in 2010 and 2011 by Envision Spokane.

They don't really care that the measures are unconstitutional; that's sort of the point, to set up a framework to challenge the constitutionality of a number of laws on the books.
I meant Pennsylvania, not sure if they started in Pittsburgh or Philly.
KMF: "What do you think we should be doing instead?"

How about: Work with existing networks of progressives and their organizations before floating a sweeping initiative? Work with experienced activists and lawyers to draft the initiative? Just for starters.

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