It's Official: Mitt Romney's vice presidential pick is the Republican party's ideological leader Paul Ryan. Analysis from Goldy and Paul here, here, and here. The New Yorker's great profile of Ryan from last week here.

One Potentially Romney-Relevant Fact: Six of America's 400 top earners paid no income taxes in 2009, according to a new IRS report.

Don't Go There, Girlfriend: Sources say that Saudi Arabia will shoot down any Israeli plane crossing its airspace to attack Iran.

How Convenient: Google's next update will penalize sites with multiple copyright claims filed against them—but Google-owned YouTube will remain unscathed.

How Very Convenient: Wikileaks published documents this week revealing a large spying system operated by the government, and then promptly got hit by a site-crashing attack.

RIP, JoJo the Tiger: The Woodland Park Zoo put down its only tiger yesterday. JoJo was 20 years old (very old for a Sumatran tiger) and in declining health.

In Case You Missed It: Legal weed in Washington could generate nearly $2 billion dollars over 5 years for the state.

Seems Legit: A majority of Seattleites don't want to spend public money on a new arena, according to a poll funded by "maritime interests with strong reservations about the project."

Don't Quit Your Day Job: The Port of Seattle's CEO, who earns over $360,000, has picked up a side-gig paying nearly a quarter-million per year.

Wear Your Helmets, Kids: Sound advice from an 11-year-old boy who was hit by a car while riding his bike in Auburn Monday, who says that his helmet saved his life.

Building the New 520 Bridge: An infographic showing how the materials will make their way here.

Hell Yes: A "Google Earth satellite imagery survey" may have come across lost Egyptian pyramids.

It's been kind of a bummer news day. Here's a dog doing parkour to help you forget all about it: