August Is Syria's Deadliest Month Yet: Opposition forces report over 3,700 killed, most of whom were civilians, in August. And there's still one week left to go.

Apple Awarded $1 Billion in Samsung Patent Trial: The jury handed Apple a decisive victory yesterday in the trial to determine who infringed on the smartphone patents of whom. The Verge has a breakdown of how much Samsung will need to fork over for each device that copied aspects of the iPhone.

Police Gunfire Wounded All Nine Bystanders: All 9 wounded in the Empire State Building shooting were hit by police bullets—or, at least, fragments of bullets which hit assorted objects, according to the NYPD.

Meanwhile, in Seattle Police News: A federal judge has signed off on the SPD's reform plan, with a couple of caveats.

Stay Classy, RIAA: A 28-year-old will be forced to pay the Recording Industry Association of America $675,000 for 31 songs he shared over Kazaa years ago. That's about $22,000 per song.

Seattle Man Allegedly Rapes Woman Hours After Getting Out of Jail: Can you guess what he had been in jail for?

"Gangnam Style" Is More Subversive Than You Think: That incredible Korean music video we fawned over a few weeks ago has caused a huge sensation, in Korea and abroad. But experts on South Korean culture argue that there's much more to it than yucks.

Stem Cell Research to Stay Legal, for Now: A court has ruled that the federal government may continue funding embryonic stem cell research, although the ruling almost certainly won't be the last.

Awwww Yeahhhhhh: "Nudity" depicted during primetime television has jumped 407 percent since last year.

Is Oral Sex "Real Sex?" The French think so, and Chloe Angyal says we should start thinking so too.

We all know that egg yolks will, like, totally kill you*. Here's an amazingly easy way to take them out:

*Eggs will not kill you. Please continue eating them.