Last night: Barry hugs Bubba. (Also, #arithmetic is trending like crazy on Twitter)

Tonight, tonight!: Obama will formally accept the Democratic presidential nomination (#indoors).

Obama is no Clinton: Romney camp says, but, but ...

"This convention is done:" Former Romney advisor Alex Castellanos says that Clinton's speech “will be the moment that probably reelected Barack Obama.”

Gabby Giffords: The former Arizona Rep. will lead the Pledge of Allegiance at the DNC tonight.

DNC Words: Obama (507 mentions), Romney (241 mentions), Economy (158 mentions), God (66 mentions) - the NYT has the rest.

CIA faces new waterboarding accusations: Human Rights Watch report says U.S. tortured Gaddafi opponents.

4 million gene switches: Not junk anymore.

Roddick Retires: After losing to del Potro in the U.S. Open yesterday. He was the last American man to win a grand slam.

Want to buy a Warhol?: Here's your opportunity.

End of the ride-free zone in Seattle: Among other Metro bus route cuts starting Sept. 29.

And only because he was so totally awesome last night, here's a mash-up of Bill Clinton's best moments from his speech, courtesy of HuffPo.