Let the ad wars begin: Obama vs. Romney.

700,000: Donations the Obama campaign says it received during convention week.


Paul Ryan will be next door tomorrow: "Holed up" in a remote part of Oregon practicing for the VP debates.

A black market for AC coolants?: HCFC-22 is the latest (unlikely yet highly profitable) commodity for international smugglers.

17 years later: Ex-prosecutor says OJ Simpson attorney tampered with evidence. Remember the infamous glove?

Six killed near NATO HQ in Kabul: By a 14-year-old suicide bomber who rode right up to the NATO gates on a bicycle.

Blacklisted: The Pakistan-based militant Haqqani network, after Hillary Clinton signed an order designating them a terrorist organization.

Hong Kong drops plans to make Chinese patriotism classes mandatory: Critics called the plans an attempt to brainwash children by the Beijing government.

Rangers recover two bodies from Mt Rainier Friday: Q13Fox says they might be from the group of climbers that went missing in January.

Hunger in WA now above national average: Hunger in our state has increased significantly since the start of the recession.

And it's the weekend - let's get handsy.