Obama: "Happy to work" with Republicans to reduce the deficit after the elections, but insists on revenue.

Birth certificate joke: This one's funny.

Tariq al-Hashemi: Iraq's fugitive VP was sentenced to death in absentia after being found guilty of running death squads.

No date yet for 9/11 museum opening: Mayor Bloomberg and Gov. Cuomo have been unable to resolve differences over which government agencies will pay operating costs for the $1 billion museum.

MakeLoveNotPorn.tv: Cindy Gallop, 52, creates website that shows videos of "real world" sex.

Tornadoes hit New York City: Not one, but two. This report says that "Tornadoes were once exceedingly rare in New York, but they have occurred with regularity in recent years."

Ferrer vs. Djokovic: Winner plays Andy Murray in the U.S. Open finals.

Step aside hantavirus: Enter brain-eating parasite Naegleria fowleri. This one enters through the nose, multiplies and then starts eating your brain.

State investigates Eyman initiative: Did I-517 supporters illegally use part of money meant for I-1185? That's what critics are alleging.

Oh, and the new trailer for Atlas Shrugged, Part II is out.