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I understand why Apple had to develop their own mapping app, since google is a software competitor with the Android OS and a hardware competitor now that they own Motorola mobility. No wonder they weren't able to agree to a contract to keep google maps and YouTube featured in iOS. But the apple maps really are crappy.
Ann Romney sure sounds like a woman who has been groomed real good by the Mormon church to be a subservient wife.

We're lucky to have him? We should just trust him? We shouldn't give him any advice? Just bring him calm. And a warm glass of milk before bed.

Falling life expectancy.

Liberals don't want to admit that this is a civilization in decline........
The new maps are a huge disappointment. Compared to Google Map's rich and varied data, Apple's map looks blank and unfinished. I also don't find the textures particularly attractive. The integration with Yelp is okay, but not enough to make up for the other shortcomings.
Hey, Troll!

Once again your conclusions are wrong. Liberals have been noting the US's decline for a long time. Infant mortality rate lower than many other developed countries? Check. Lowest percent of the population with insurance over other developed countries? Check. Lower wages per-capita than other developed countries? Check.

It's not a problem caused by liberals, either. Look to your right- look to jobs being outsourced, look to health insurance companies extracting massive profits at the expense of the insured. Look to corporations fighting against health and safety regulations. Look to dimwit conservatives in the south fighting to keep education and science out of schools. Look in the mirror.

Now, Troll: Did you have a point you were trying to make? What was it?
Why is Fish and Wildlife looking for a cougar because it ate a dog? First of all, good for the cougar. It was doing what it's instincts dictate and hunger demands. Secondly, Fish and Wildlife should be looking for poachers and protecting wildlife and not wasting it's time protecting dogs by killing wildlife. Leave the cougar alone, goddammit!
I would recommend NOT switching to iOS 6, as you can never return to 5 (and google maps) once you do. The Apple maps app is total crap. Incorrect or inadequate search results and freezes/slowdowns are not OK with me.

I was having a calzone at Bambino's (best ever) last night and when I walked back to Benaroya, Belltown night life actually seemed...lively.

Maybe The City is normalizing. Also the 150 bus back. Seems like busting those oxy rings in S. King had a ripple effect on thugs. Cops "tuk their jahbs".

Also, to the gay couple who were looking for their knapsack with a rainbow on it at the coat check room. (They said "rainbow" like nine times.) Don't worry, we all love you.
Ann Romney is a terrible person.

Also, condolences to Cutie's family, but 15 is a long lived Golden Retriever.
The video of the robbery is unsettling. Be safe everyone.

If you're out late, please try and travel in a group, avoid alley's, and be aware of your surroundings.
@5 Dr Awesome is awesome.

Oh, and Goldy, how about the Australian Deputy PM who criticised Republican "Cranks and crazies" who threaten US economy?
You can take the cops out of Bellevue, but you can't take the Bellevue out of the cops.

These drunken gangsters with badges should be fired...instead they're likely to be promoted.
It would be more awesome to use the "unregistered comments off" feature. Just saying.
I do use the "Unregistered comments off" feature, and I hide the particularly and repeatedly stupid registered commenters. I also assume many people have my comments hidden: SLOG is where I vent and say things I wouldn't necessarily say in real life. I admit to being annoying and contrary on purpose.

But, like picking at a scab, I also can't resist noting what The Troll posts. And also noting when The Troll responds to someone saying "Hey, Troll..." That's some comedy gold right there.

@5 Great message, but you flipped the comparison on infant mortality. The US has higher mortality than most major Western industrialized countries. You probably had it right the first time, and then edited it and forgot to relocate the "than".

"It's nonsense and the chattering hear it and then you just let it go right by," she said. "Honestly, at this point, I'm not surprised by anything."

Great job, Ann. When confronted with criticism, you made yourself sound like a condescending, dismissive, haughty elitist. Yet again. Just what the American people want to see in their First Lady.

The out-of-wedlock birthrate is your boogeyman, doc.
not conservatives....

the problem with this civilization is the vanishing self sufficiency of American'ts who are conditioned by a "safety net" (aka chains of dependency ) mentality to expect the government to do everything for them.
Deciding that normal people can't provide their own health care is a tipping point,
as is the math of more people collecting from the government than are paying to fund the government.

back to the OoW birthrate; we are into the 3rd and 4th generations of people born without a father in the home, people who have literally no concept of a nuclear self sufficient family structure.
we no longer see it as unusual for males to never marry the mothers of the bastards they spawn or provide ANY material or emotional support to those pathetic wretches.

babies born to uneducated 15 years old tend to die more.
kids who start having babies and never finish school don't earn a decent wage and don't get jobs that provide insurance.

each generation is less capable than the one before.
current American'ts are 'trust fund' babies sucking off the material and cultural legacy of their grandparents.
but that titty has gone dry and Mammy Obama is frantically borrowing from the chinese to pay for one more hit of government safety net crack.

do you see the point?
and don't forget the unfilled jobs that American employers can't find qualified workers to fill.

teen mom dropouts and the kids they raise don't have much to contribute to an advanced economy......
@17 And the good news is, apparently not that many people want to see that. Latest betting on the Intrade market only finds Romney's chances worth 29 cents on the dollar, and Obama over 70.

Just a reminder: this is only true if Obama supporters don't get complacent. Make sure you're registered, have proper ID to vote in your state, and take care of your neighbors voting needs and motivations, too. And if you were going to donate to the campaign, do it! Losing is not an acceptable option, even if there's only a 29% chance. When dealing with a zombie-vampire, you not only have to burn it, you have to drive a stake through its heart.
Dear Ann Romney,

"... it's an important election and it is time for all Americans to realize how significant this election ..."

Is there any presidential election that is NOT important?
It does not become MORE important just because your husband is a candidate.

"... how lucky we are to have someone with Mitt's qualifications and experience ..."

I will remind you that your husband still has not released as much tax information as Obama has.
When he has, we will judge his "qualifications and experience" for ourselves.

"... the chattering class..."

Is it possible for you to refer to people by something a little more respectful?

"... to bring peace and calm to him and just trust in him ..."

The issue is that you are not America.
He isn't running for President of Ann Romney.
He is running for President of the United States of America.
And he still refuses to release his tax history.
And he still refuses to give specifics of his policies.
And he still refuses to give specifics of his budget.

Trust is earned.
What has Romney done to earn the trust of the American people?
And he's been running for the past SIX YEARS.
Why the delay?
And NOTHING demands confidence and trust more than having your significant other stand up and tell the world that we should, "Stop it (because) this is hard!"

Do they think running the country will be a cake walk?!
That attempted murder incident is hillarious. You know you're in trouble when your attorney is trying to plead you down to "poorly attempted murder"
@18: So it's safe to assume you stand with Planned Parenthood, then?
But we should probably leave it to those hardy eastern Washingtonians to handle this themselves, rather than making them reliant on government.

Because obviously every single resident of Eastern WA is a raving right-wing anti-government lunatic who deserves to have their house burn down and, perhaps, lose their life.

Fuck you, Goldy.
I'm so jealous he got to take his RIB home to his daughter. I didn't even get a say in what would happen to my wisdom teeth.
yeah leave the freakin cougar alone! i can understand going after it if it killed a human, but a dog? fuck that!
I gotta agree with the Doc. Unregistered comments are a comedy goldmine.

In # 18 there he refers to us as "american'ts" after all. I prefer his more colorful (and perhaps more grammatically coherent) characterization of us as "libtards", but really just enjoy the juvenile banter. Though I sometimes find myself wishing he'd use more/longer ellipses...............
I don't many of the specifics of the area where the family's dog got mauled (article didn't offer much) but they'll generally put down a predator that discovers a potential "food source" in a neighborhood to prevent it from escalating.
Mr Happy Sunshine: Every member of my extended family living in Eastern Washington and Eastern Oregon is exactly as described.
They are nice enough people in person but fuckin' a what a bunch of gun-lovin' Obama-hatin' jackholes.
Purely anecdotal evidence, statistically invalid. But fuck you too, Mr Happy Sunshine.
Goldy, you forgot to mention the hilarious part of the Amish hair/beard attacks. They were lead by a fellow named John Mullet!
Hey, Troll!
So you must also recognize that one of the largest contributing factors to the increase in poor and minority single-parent families is the War on Drugs and the fact that poor and minority males are locked up at much higher rates than others.

Now go ahead and draw some wildly inaccurate conclusion from that, Troll.
Ava Carpenter is a girl after my own heart. Welcome to the creepy, morbid sisterhood, Ava! I'm sure you'll be applying to archaeology field school any day now....
Re: Peggy Noonan. She thinks Mittmentum from the debates could still happen, but in the newfangled world, lots of people vote way before Election Day. Anyone know how many states have early voting?
@18: is it just out of wedlock birth, or do you think it is more complicated than that? 50% of kids in Sweden are born out of wedlock. Their infant mortality rate is 3.5 per 1000, they have virtually 100% adult literacy and only 7 % of their population is below the poverty line.
Oh and they're pretty socialist.
Compare that to more socially conservative countries with higher rates of children born to married parents but much less pleasant quality of life and economic statistics.
Maybe there's more too it than just being born on the wrong side of the blanket.
Just sayin'.
Re: Amish - Didn't Harpo Marx once cut off the bears of sleeping men in a bed? I think the scene was in Duck Soup.
"Chattering class." Well, at least it's on a higher level than "lamestream media" ... though that's not really saying much. Ann, please stop talking and take your husband with you, especially as it's all ::sighs dramatically:: so hard.


if Liberals think their babies are better off dead than raised by them who are we to argue?
@18: Children being pervasively born out of wedlock to the urban poor is hurting the nation. So...why are you opposed to making birth control and condoms cheap and easily available? Wouldn't we be better off if young adults could avoid having children until they're ready to? (And you and I both know that abstinence education is ineffective.)

It was from "A Night at the Opera". Fun times (though I believe you meant to type "beards").

We recognize that a contributing factors to the increase in poor and minority single-parent families is the use of illegal drugs by males in those demographics....(tho most of those fellows were losers and takers before they got pinched....)


when have we EVER objected to readily available birth control and accurate comprehensive sex education?

you must have us confused with the strawmen Danny drags around like a teddy bear he can't outgrow...
Yeah, it's funny, but it gets old. It's the same cray-cray shit: Blah blah...filth... "Danny" .............random capitalization,.........paranoia, notice me, I'm lonely and have no people are my friends.....I can't even spell American correctly...I think I'm so clever...I'll show 'em... Oh look! Someone responded! Huzzah! I touched a nerve....what is that buzzing in my head? Wha?..........................

Have I missed anything?

It's like responding to spam. You'll just get more.
And I know I'm missing some insightful comments, which sucks. But I just can't dignify The Ellipsis Fucker.
@The Ellipsis Fucker--

Every time you abuse ellipsis, another baby is aborted.

the showcase socialist states in europe are starting to break under the cost of their social programs and reverse incentives.
stay tuned.

in this country having and raising children outside marriage closely correlates to increased poverty, neglect and abuse.

there is nothing magical about the marriage certificate that protects children, but adults who choose to have kids outside marriage also usually make other destructive selfish choices that keep their families in poverty.


if you don't like our slog you can get the fuck out.
@ The Ellipsis Fucker

I don't get why you're so opposed to children born out of wedlock and into poverty. Aren't they just potential Horatio Algers? Self-made success stories waiting to happen, overcoming the odds and ready to come out ahead and be winners? To become part of the 53% despite all odds? Why do you hate America? Why are you arguing for the social engineering that would come hand in hand with making every child a wanted child with a loving mother and father in every home? Get your government interference out of my home!
So, unregistered, you keep referring to deadbeat dads and teen single mothers as losers and human trash. But you're against abortion?


If they're so worthless, what do you care if they're aborted or not?

Is that the only way you can feel smug and self-righteous? You only want them to be born so that they can feel misery and be insulted by people like you all their lives?
That kid in The Sixth Sense saw dead people; when Unregistered Troll posts, I hear banjos and Jew's harps.
oh lee.
there is a great deal that you don't get.
please confine your comments to one word.
(yes. punctuation counts.)

there are many ways we can feel smug and self-righteous.
and our position on abortion has 'evolved'.
we think Liberal abortion is a very patriotic act.
Sorry, I'm busy following the iOS6apocolypse, or mapocoplyse.

Hey, look, a McDonalds in the middle of Lake Union! Let me get my canoe!
I'll try this more concisely then...

You don't get to have it both ways.

I mean...I can, but not you.

we are not arguing for social engineering.

we are asking that reproductive age people behave responsibly

You're absolutely right. Reading his crap is basically like watching Cops or reality TV or any of that other mindless drivel. I'm really pretty sure we only do so as part of a sad & sub-conscious effort to feel better about ourselves by seeing how pathetic and pitiable others are.
That Sarah Silverman video is funny shit. Although it is "you have to laugh, or else you'll cry" material.
Silverman rocks!

@7 Just FYI. I upgraded to iOS6 on Wednesday night and promptly downgraded to iOS 5.1.1 on Thursday morning. You CAN downgrade and I recommend staying at version 5, or just get an Android!--until they fix their native maps app or Google gets their app in the store. Apple didn't even offer a "grandfathered" pathway to their native app. Just because you hate Google (for *maybe* justified reasons) don't take it out on your user base.
@61 Looks like I didn't say how to downgrade. Downloading a .ipsw file for iOS5 and restoring in iTunes works. Use google.
@43: I dunno. When has a bear ever shat in the woods?
@61: All we know is that the contract between Apple and Google came up in 2012 and they didn't renew. We don't know whether that was Apple's choice, or Google's.

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