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Protestors Stormed Government Building in Beirut: They're protesting a far too cozy relationship with Syria and the car bombing on Friday.

Hong Kong Authorities Seize Ivory: Four tons of ivory, in fact. They found the loot in shipping containers bound to China from Tanzania and Kenya.

Ex Politician Kicks the Bucket: George McGovern, who ran for president in 1972, has died.

Netanyahu Says OK to Construction in Jerusalem: And everyone else in the world says please don't.

But in Happier News: Qatar says it will help rebuild Gaza, to the tune of $254 million.

King County Judge Dies: The newly elected King County Superior Court Judge Scott Johnson died yesterday. Governor Gregoire will need to appoint someone until the next general election. His term would have started January 1st.

Officer's Daughter Shoots Herself: The daughter of a Spokane Police Officer accidentally shot herself with his department-issued pistol—a week after he'd take a gun safety class.

Counterfeit Money Floating Around: The dough does not look legit even a little bit, but some shop owners fell for the rouse.