Proud to be an American Kenyan Islamo-Socialist! Let's be honest, President Barack Obama kicked Mitt Romney's electoral ass last night, winning the electoral college 332 to 206 (and yes, I'm giving Obama Florida). In fact, he won every state he won in 2008, with the exception of Indiana and North Carolina... and North Carolina was awfully damn close. Guess I won't have to emigrate to Israel for health care, after all.

Blinded by science. The polls were right, both nationally, and here in Washington State. And so were the meta-analysts like Nate Silver and Darryl at HA. So much for gut instinct over data.

The land of the freer! Washington voters last night approved both same-sex marriage and legalized pot.

Inslee in. Yeah, none of the other media outlets had the balls to call it, but The Stranger made it official shortly after the first round of ballots dropped by declaring Democrat Jay Inslee the winner in Washington's governor's race. How can we be so sure? Inslee got 63 percent in King County. 63 fucking percent! Percentage wise, there are more ballots left to count in King than in the red counties, so that makes Inslee's lead insurmountable.

Reagan done. Likewise, Democrat Bob Ferguson got over 65 percent in King County, dooming self-entitled Republican pretty-boy Reagan Dunn to electoral defeat in the Attorney General's race. And yes, Ferguson personally assured me last night, I will be welcome at his press conferences: "With a red carpet."

A big night for billionaires. All those billionaire-backed initiatives appear headed to victory. The best direct democracy money can buy!

Lots of other stuff! We were up late last night putting together a paper, so it may be a few hours late hitting the news boxes. But you can read it all online now!