"Sucks to be doing the 5 o' clock news, Essex."

Are you kidding?

Will the 5 o'clock news not do whole segments in the journalistic style du jour of simply speculating in question format?

Can they not use this to then promo their next newscast?

Are you not entertained?
Where do I go to simply see the % of votes counted by county? In the past it was easier to see this, but now it's more hidden or I'm just dumber.
@3: That pages shows percentages of Yes/No, not the % of votes counted.

I guess I was looking for the @4 link, although I think I was on that page earlier, I guess I forgot about it.
@3 I hear ya. I can't find it either.

@5 this does not show the % of precincts reporting by county so we don't know which counties still have outstanding totals to report.
@4 awesome. teaches me to ignore unregistered comments!
While this delay is small in the grand scheme of things, it's stuff like this that erodes confidence in our voting systems.

Seriously, an excuse about "volume" should never be an excuse for our election systems. These things should be over-engineered. We should be over-prepared, not barely prepared.

And, I watch other States count votes overnight. Why can't we do this?

Yes, I'm an elections geek. ;-p
My vote hasn't been counted yet. They received and verified it days ago. I'm really not impressed, when the rest of the country has been counted.
@9 Feel free to find the money in the county budget for more machines and workers.
@11… if we need to raise taxes we need to raise taxes. If we can't count votes in a confident way, that should be job one of Government.
Part of the issue is that ballots are valid if POSTMARKED by Election Day, not received. They're still receiving ballots, let alone trying to count the backlog. I think they're doing a great job compared to prior years.
@13…none of which is a surprise. This is expected. Long in advance. Over engineer. Over prepare.

Armchair bureaucrat is on the case!
@10 That is all you will ever know, tracking stops at signature verification. There are no unique identifiers on your ballot within the security envelope. (At least for now.)
shut your ignorant ungrateful pieholes......

didn't goldy tell you that Washington's mail voting is supremely elegantly divine and should be implemented throughout the galaxy?

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