I have been grousing about this all morning.

-'gif', (always said with a hard 'g' by the way) has never ever been used by anyone as a verb. And they stopped being a big deal 5 years ago.
-'yolo' is an acronym. The indicated phrase is not by any means new or interesting.
-Super PAC and Higgs boson are not words.
-Superstorm is no different from super storm.

Which leaves Eurogeddon and Nomophobia. Yawn. I'm truly offended by the sorry state of oxfordian lexicography. Can we not do better?
If you pronounce "gif" with a hard g, I'm just going to assume you're talking about peanut butter.
I laughed and then felt bad for laughing at the vote or die for real blurb. Thanks for making me feel like an ass :-P
@2 That's what I meant of course. I got it backwards.
The Kevin Clash thing seems like a case of an openly gay man who may have made a stupid choice (sleeping w/ a 16 year old in a state where 17 is the legal age).

I'm hoping it doesn't become a story that the right wingers latch onto in order to prove that gays are all child-rapers. That seems like the kind of spin Fox News would put on it.

As I understand it, there is some question as to whether the boy was under age at the time, apparently a previous investigation showed that he was not.
@ 2 and 4, you're confusing me. Hard g is like go and get, soft g is the sound in Jif (or gyrate).
I did a poll around the office: the visual designers all say "gif" with a hard g, which makes me an outlier.

On the Petraeus/Allen scandal, I don't understand why the media are treating it as a single scandal. Sounds like two completely separate scandals. Unless we're talking foursome.
The "G" in ".gif" derives from "graphical", and as such should retain the hard G sound.

But this is a file format that's been around for, what, 20 years? What's next year's word of the year going to be, ".zip"?!
@6 That's what I meant of course. I got it backwards again.

(Actually I just assumed @2's correction was accurate and didn't bother to think it through. It's been a rough morning.)

@9 At least zip can be used as a verb. Who the fuck 'gifs' something?
@8: Your problem is that you see no difference between a historical fact, and what you see as what it means. You do it in every post.

Here, you are factually correct in your timeline of the Petraeus issue, but you claim, in the face of evidence, that this happened so that Petraeus would not have to testify on Bhengazi.

When of course, he still is going to testify, meaning that the affair has no bearing on Bhengazi. You see, when someone resigns from a job, they are not dead. They can still be called into court.

It is the complete fabrication of why it happened that makes it a crackpot conspiracy theory. Your inane commentary is not fact. Your claim that it was all a conspiracy so that Petraeus does not have to testify is not fact. This is why no one takes you seriously, and no one should.
I always pronounced it as "gift" without the "t." The peanut butter pronunciation never occurred to me.

But then again, back in the early 90s I thought the plural for mouse in the computer sense should be "mouses," just to be cleverly* different from the plural for mouse in the rodent sense.

*or not-so-cleverly; I was only a teenager at the time
Sinofsky is leaving because he'll never be the CEO and he knows it. He's held the same position now for 3 years, oversaw 2 big release waves for that MS division and that's about as much as he can do in that job. So, I expect to see him either go to a VC firm, a startup, or heading some floundering company in need of new leadership within the next few weeks.
@13 Both 'mice' and 'mouses' are acceptable plural forms for computer mouse. 'Mice' is more common, but it doesn't matter which you use.
Holy shit, are the songwriters at Ark 75 years old or is the company run by a foreigner who learned about American holidays from watching the Cosby show?

Selling teens and tweens an anthem to get them pumped about going to their dipshit cousin's house to hang out at a fold out table in the kitchen while the adults in their family humor their racist grandmothers? Ok, I could be projecting JUST A BIT, but I don't the kids eating this one up.
I call them meeses.

Look, media reviews of Win 8 are mixed. Some hate it, some love it. I think it's great for mobile phones and tablets, but it sux donkeys on desktops and blade servers. Part of why MSFT is bleeding red other than the xBox (Halo!)
I honestly don't care if you pronounce it with a hard or soft G, but it's worth noting that the inventors of the GIF format intended it to be a soft G.
How creepy must you have to be to work as a "producer" at Ark Music Factory?
Will: Win Server for the blades I should think, no tiles needed.

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