Ireland Reverses Antiquated Ban: After the death of Dr. Savita Halappanavar earlier this year, Ireland has decided to repeal regulation that makes abortion illegal.

More Good News For Ladies: Park Geun-hye, daughter of a former president, is projected as the winner of the S. Korean presidential election. She would be the first lady president of S. Korea.

Fluffy White Stuff: Was on the ground earlier this morning. Now it's just slush.

Potential Life Supporting Planet, Stone's Throw Away: If you could throw a stone 12 light years.

Facebook Alienates Users For Umpteenth Time: Seriously seems like this happens once or twice a year. Facebook changed the rules on Instagram and people are howling.

Students, Citizens Protest Horrific Rape: In response to an awful gang rape on a bus on Sunday in Delhi, two hundred students tried to march on the political neighborhood which houses the Prime Minister's office, but were blocked by police.

Obama Time's Person of the Year: Whatever, look at this photo.

Syria: Renown Middle East reporter Richard Engel was freed yesterday, after pro-regime forces captured his crew. Meanwhile, Mahmoud Abbas wants the UN to help Palestine allow Syrian refugees cross the border, a move that requires Israel's consent.

Caribou Threat Real? The Pacific Legal Foundation is arguing that Selkirk caribou, which roams Washington and Idaho, should not be protected as an endangered species any longer. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said on Tuesday that they'll study the issue.

Lost Dock, Found! The floating Japanese dock has been spotted, finally, in Olympic National Park.