First Known Bra Discovered in Castle: It's nearly 600 years old, scientists speculate.

Baby You're a Firework: A student from Stadium High allegedly brought a homemade firework to school yesterday. He has been arrested and expelled, the Tacoma News Tribune reports.

Cory Booker Won't Challenge Christie: Booker has decided to run for senate instead of challenge Chris Christie for governor. Glad he's come around to the obvious conclusion that Christie is untouchable.

Bellingham Shopping Bag Ban Effective: A Bellingham poll conducted recently shows that a full 67% of people like not having plastic shopping bags and say they almost always bring their reusable bags. I never remember the bag, so I just shove my groceries in my purse.

Bremerton Sailor Lured into Craigslist Trap: Three men allegedly posed as a hot chick on craigslist and lured a sailor to a residence where, Kiro reports, they robbed him and fled.

China Arrests Hundreds of Doomsdayers: If only we had the power to arrest everyone who annoys us here.

Local Dispensary Owner Sentenced: Despite WA's now legal pot, the feds aren't withdrawing their charges against 48-year-old Brionne Corbray. He was sentenced to 5 years probation and a $25,000 fine.

Flooding in Sri Lanka Kills 25: And more than a quarter million people may be marooned in their homes in Sri Lanka, after heavy rains contributed to deadly flooding.

People Respond to Much Needed Push to Stop Eating at Olive Garden: Net income at the Olive Garden parent company, Darden Restaurants, fell 37% this quarter after a much publicized attempt by the owner to dodge Obamacare.