Rape Protests Become Violent in India: To sooth public outrage the government announced new measures, nightly bus checks for one, but the protests have carried into today and police are firing bullets into the crowds. The BBC reports that a journalist was killed in the spray of bullets.

Volcano Warning on Border of Chile and Argentina: Officials told locals there's no need to evacuate yet since no lava or rocks have been expelled from the crater.

Seattle Biologist Wins Medal of Science: Leroy Hood's work automating DNA sequencing has earned him the National Medal of Science, along with 11 other scientists.

Local Cat Watches Packs of Small Humans in 8-hour Migration Pattern: He may be choosing which one looks weakest for later.

Hawks Gonna Win? I have no idea, but you can make your own prediction after reading an article or two.

Boeing Engineers Use Spuds to Assist On-Board Wifi: Huh.

Man Attacks Security Guards and a Police Officer at Virginia Mason: According to the Associated Press.

Will Do! Wayne LaPierre: "If it’s crazy to call for putting police in and securing our schools to protect our children, then call me crazy."